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Trouble Brewing On Bourbon Street

has trapped Hayley in her human form in order to blackmail her into killing one
of the witches that set fire to her during a coven gathering. Elijah worries
when he finds bodies of dead wolves in the bayou but when he finds Jackson
alive, he realizes that there’s a bit of hope Hayley is still alive.

more homicides spread over New Orleans and it makes me wonder how long it’ll
before the new detective gets involved in the Supernatural world and what his
relationship to the other characters will be.


“I thought I
smelled a swamp.”

are still hostile between Elijah and Klaus with no signs of getting better but
perhaps that will change when they find Hayley alive. Cami visit Klaus to tell
him she thinks Lucien is behind the murders and tells him that if he wants to
prove to her his changed nature then he’d’ better do something about the
murders. Klaus normally isn’t one to fall for commands but let’s be honest, we
all know there is something between him and Cami and we all want it to happen.

Elijah and Jackson both get to Lucien before Klaus and when Jackson bites
Lucien the only way to save his life is for Elijah to be invited in. Much to
his own dismay. Lucien’s company is behind the killings of the wolves in the
bayou but he doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by the fact that both Jackson
and Elijah care deeply about Hayley .


“You’ll find
bourbon on basically every horizontal surface.”

to Davina’s magic, Hayley is able to remain in human form even after the full
moon and towards the end of the episode Hayley and Klaus fight back at the
Abbatoir and Klaus tries to stop Hayley from seeing Hope. Meanwhile, Marcel meets
up with Davina in the cemetery and warns her about the path she’s walking on. When
Hayley killed the witch responsible for threatening Davina, it ended up in a
massacre but Davina dismisses Marcel and in act to show him that she doesn’t
care and that she only did what she thought was right. I’m guessing the rest of
the Coven won’t feel the same way once they find out what happened and who was
responsible for it.

episodes in there’s a whirlwind of drama already but that’s the way we like it.
I’m still unsure about Freya to be honest, I feel like she’s not really
contributing to anything at the moment and I’m still hoping Rebekah will come
back at some point but at the moment I’m enjoying it and I can’t wait to see
what happens next!


“I’m a French Quarter
witch; I was born with blood on my hands.”



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