episode starts of pretty much where the last one ended. Dean has driven Jenna
and baby Amara to her grandmother’s house believing they would be safe there
however things take a strange turn when they realize Amara actually has powers
of her own. When Dean turns around to help them out, he finds out to his horror
that someone else has already beaten him to it; Crowley disguised as a catholic
priest ready to perform an exorcist on the baby. And that’s only the start of

Sam is trying to figure out a way to cure himself from the infection when he runs
into a woman who actually turns out to be a reaper and she’s got some news for
him. Because Dean killed Death and screwed up the balance (which is probably
putting it lightly), some new rules were set into play. When the time comes for
Sam and Dean to actually die for real, they will go to neither heaven nor hell
and when they die this time nothing is going to be able to change that, ever.

think this is a really interesting development. They’ve cheated death so many
times over the past ten years so it’s about time something’s done about it and
I think it would add a really good depth to their characters when they realize
that they’re going to die and that’s that. Heaven won’t take them and hell won’t
have them so where will they end up? Will they be wandering and restless
spirits or will something else happen entirely? Does it mean that that this
could in fact be the very last season of Supernatural?

all of this is going on for Sam and Dean, poor Cas is all tied up (literally)
and tortured by the angels who are desperate to know where Metatron is but when
he won’t give them the answer, Hannah turns up again. At first he believes that
Hannah is there to help him but when he realizes it was all a set up to begin
with, he gets angry and kills the angels in rather an uncharacteristic fit of

far this season has an interesting setup. I like the fact that Sam and Dean are
out of chances now and I think that means they will really have to start being
more careful in the way they deal with things because let’s be honest, they’ve
been a bit reckless over the past few seasons. I can’t help but to wonder how
Dean will react by the time Sam tells him and how will that effect Sam’s
infection? If he can’t find the cure he’ll have to come to terms with the fact
that he’ll truly die.


Source: Supernatural // CW

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!