I tend to quite often make snap judgements on new characters when they arrive on Ramsay Street, and usually I am wrong. I wasn’t keen on Leo when he arrived, but I like him now. The same goes for Xanthe and Chloe, I wasn’t keen on either of them, but they quickly grew on me. In fact, Chloe is now one of my current favourites.

Sometimes it just takes a while to adjust to a new character and for me to start getting attached to them and caring about their storylines. Having said that though, I’m struggling at the moment to see how I’m going to warm to Roxy, because I find her kind of annoying.

zima-anderson-roxy-willis-1555237757eighbours roxy

Zima Anderson as Roxy Willis. PHOTO: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

It’s nothing against the actress playing Roxy, Zima Anderson. My main problem with Roxy is that I feel like we’ve seen it all before. How many wayward long-lost relatives have washed up on Ramsay Street, caused some chaos for a while and then eventually been straightened out by the good folk of Erinsborough? It feels like a trope that’s been done to death. They might prove me wrong and keep her as a firecracker, but I’m expecting her to tone down her behaviour pretty quickly under Terese’s watchful eye, thus following in the footsteps of every stray who’s ever ended up in Erinsborough.

I’ll admit to quite enjoying other people’s outrage at her antics – Terese’s spluttering disapproval, Sheila’s lack of any kind of patience, and Paul’s utter disdain are pretty entertaining, but that’s more to do with me liking their characters rather than being on board with Roxy.

There is a small glimmer of hope in that she appears to be teaming up with Leo after Paul lost his temper about the backbackers’ place being in disarray and immediately bought him out of the business. I’m not sure that business transactions are usually so quick that you can go from being yelled at in front of some awful yellow IKEA shelves to having been bought out, in the space of an afternoon, but other legal proceedings in Erinsborough are equally swift and mysterious, so who am I to argue?

neighbours paul robinson leo tanaka

“But why did you have to go for the yellow ones?” PHOTO: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

So Roxy and Leo as some sort of reckless, hedonistic dream team might be quite fun, but we’ll see. I’m also interested to find out just how many pairs of extremely short shorts Roxy owns.

In other Ramsay Street happenings, I am enjoying Chloe and Kyle as a couple because it’s basically like watching two adorable labradors frolicking in a park. It makes me happy, and I don’t want the whole Amy/Gary/Kyle situation to come to a head because it’s boring. Amy is boring, and Gary is boring, and I couldn’t care less about their wedding – although Paul’s engagement party speech was superb – but I have a feeling it will all hit boiling point soon, so I’m going to enjoy Chloe and Kyle while I can.

Toadie’s back, and Ryan Moloney is continuing to knock it out of the park with his acting as he tries to adjust to being back in the house without Sonya. He’s started up a charity foundation in Sonya’s name, which Finn immediately offered to help with. Finn’s childish attempts at trying to win the neighbours over are so misguided that I almost expected him to suggest baking cookies as a fundraising idea (too soon?). Bless him, he just can’t get it right.

To end my round-up, it’s time for a quick update on Elly. Oh wait, she’s still awful and her life is still a car crash. Not much more to say about that…