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Blood and Fear!

and Abbie take on Jack the Ripper!

Source: Sleepy Hollow // FOX

“I will avenge
every life that blade has taken.”


episode was truly bone chilling and eerie. Jack the Ripper is something that’s
always fascinated me growing up and the Sleepy Hollow spin on the legend added
a new twist to it. It starts when Abbie is called to investigate a homicide and
Ichabod realises it follows the same patters as that of killings that took
place during his semester at Eton College in England. This episode gave us a
rare and much enjoyable insight to Ichabod’s childhood before the war and I
hope we get to see much more of those.

tells Abbie his obsession to find Jack the Ripper grew over the years and his
research showed that killings with similar patterns have been taken place for
over 900 years. Now real history tells us that this obviously isn’t the case
but for Sleepy Hollow it works and the details to Ichabod’s research adds an
interesting depth to his character.

and Joe’s hunt for the shard continues and it’s nice to see Joe joining the
team although I wonder how long it’ll take until he properly understands what
they are fighting for and how he will handle that. Abbie still hasn’t told
Jenny she found their father and the longer they wait the likely it is to get
all the more complicated. I wonder if their dad might have a larger part to
play in the story as the season spins on. Meanwhile Ichabod is working hard to
become an American citizen as he feels it will give much more meaning to their
mission and he wants to find a way to fit into this new world he still has to
get used to living in.

Source: Sleepy Hollow // FOX

Ichabod and Abbie encounter the murderer, they realise that the source of
Ripper killings is actually a curse blade that makes whoever touches it be
overcome by an overwhelming thirst for blood that never stops. Ichabod takes it
upon himself to stop the new ripper and they realise along the way that this is
clearly the work of Pandora.

a final show-off, Ichabod ends up getting stabbed but luckily he pulls through
although for a moment things were uncertain.

this episode was thoroughly enjoyable and by far one of the darkest episodes of
Sleepy Hollow we’ve had so far. This season is picking up speed quickly and
there are a lot of interesting things happening. I can’t wait to find out what
happens next. As always there’s excellent character It still remains unclear
why Pandora is after Ichabod and Abbie. Is it particularly because of her
connection to Ichabod? And if so how? From what we’ve learned it seems like Ichabod
and Betsy Ross were close in the past so why would she be out for them now? How
did she turn evil in the first place?





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