Season 6 started off with a bang! We learned a good deal about the
surrounding areas of Alexandria. We now have a great understanding of
why Alexandria has been able to stand so long without having any major
fight,and why they were able to build up a huge impressive fence so

Hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of walkers got
trapped in a rock quarry. The exit’s were blocked off the best they
could be with trucks, and so a number of walkers were making noise,
which attracted more walkers by the noise. This created a continuous
chain reaction as walkers fell off the cliffs to the pack below, which
made them bigger and louder which kept attracting more walkers. It made
for some intense feelings as you got to see how many walkers were there
while Morgan was looking through his binoculars. The musical score again
was top notch, hitting the high notes at tense moments, and easing you
to a false sense of security in the mean time.

As much as The
Walking Dead does things very well, their are still a few things they
need to work on, one is they give a second or third bit character a
prominent role in the forefront in an episode they die in. It’s not the
first and won’t be the last time, to some extent you have Dale. You have
T-Dog for sure, he didn’t speak for like 6 episodes in a row, he got
chatty and yum walker snack. Noah, he didn’t have very much going on
after the Beth story line, he wants to step up and learn a trade and he

So when Carter was on screen and talking a lot. My
immediate thought was, who is he? How come I don’t remember him? Second
though was, well it doesn’t matter he is dying this episode anyways.
Which my gut feeling was right, the loss however was not a meaningless
one. He was an expert and helped set up the original wall. He helped
build up the ‘8 ball corner pocket’ wall as Eugene said, and was the
only one who really knew how to get it all to work together with weight
distributions and braces. With him gone is anyone else really capable of
expanding fences as needed or repairing fences? This group now has lost
the two key fence builders and a doctor.

The big question
obviously has to do with the movement of the zombie horde. Do you think
that plan was the best plan? Do you think a different plan would have
worked better? I honestly go back and forth. Part of me thinks if they
let a small amount trickle out from the trucks and off them it would
eventually kill them all. But then I think of where would they keep the
dead walkers while they are trying to kill the rest, and I would think
eventually the herd would break through putting them in this exact
situation. It seems that the herding of the walkers was a great plan
until the horn went off where we presume was at Alexandria.

This brings up more questions who could be behind it? Let’s run through some options Ron
who is mad about what transpired with his dad and wanted to get back at
Rick? Father Gabriel because that is something I can see him doing.
Morgan who went back to Alexandria to give the town the update that the
dry run went to a full run. A general member sounding off that danger is
approaching? An outside group getting the attention of the people
inside? I could see it being the wolves potentially, they have utilized
large trucks before, I wonder if they had kept the walkers in the rock
quarry thinking they might want to unleash them sometime?

many questions, so many theories, all I know is that this season is
going to be one that keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more.