Zombies. Stuff and Thangs. Coral. The Walking Dead has, in its 7 year run, become a world-wide sensation. It has become so big that many have taken to creating spin-offs of it, including the company TellTale Games. This company has done many a game in its’ trademark, cartoonish, “Choose your own own path” style, and The Walking Dead was no different. However, instead of starring the original comic book cast, TellTale Games brought a new story to life.

Lee and Clem

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Lee was convicted for the murder of his wife, and though he maintains his innocence, whether he did it or not was never truly revealed. On his way to be incarcerated, in the back of a police car, his world truly ends. The car swerves to avoid a man stumbling through the highway, goes off of the road, and crashes in the woods. When Lee comes to, he sees many of the undead slowly creeping closer to the totaled vehicle. After managing to free himself from his handcuffs and narrowly escaping the grasp of the Walkers, Lee comes upon a small girl named Clementine. Though it takes him a moment, he coaxes her down from the tree house she’d been hiding in, and he and his new companion begin their travels across the state of Georgia in search of a safe haven away from the undead.

Available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS devices, as well as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Macintosh Operating Systems, Linux, PlayStation Portable, and Ouya, TellTale Games version of The Walking Dead helped introduce the franchise to a new genre, as well as open up a whole new series of video games for fans to enjoy! This game is one of my favorites (despite Telltales’ infamous glitching,) so you can be sure to expect a review of The Walking Dead: Season 2!

The Family

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