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Jeez Boyle, are you serious? You online dated for like, a week with no luck and then just magically find the love of your life in court? Okay, so maybe she was going to prison, but I’m very jealous of how little time he spent online dating. It really is the worst.

Let’s recap “Boyle’s Hunch” subplot by subplot.

Jake and Boyle

Jake is a great friend to Boyle. I know he just does things to be amazing, but he went through a lot with Boyle to try and prove Genevieve’s innocence, even though for most of the episode, I thought she was guilty. She and Boyle really do make a nice couple, I just hope he doesn’t go Full Boyle and scare her off too soon. The scene in the art show was great; Jake really worked that artsy hipster barista look, and they both really played it off like they knew understood the chrysalis concept! We always know we’re going to get shenanigans with a Jake and Boyle pairing, but I’d be interested to find out if “My Hunch” was written previously or improvised. Either way, it was flawless.

Amy, Holt, and Gina

Originally I thought Gina was against this PR campaign because Holt didn’t ask her to model for it (doesn’t that seem like something she would do?), but it turns out she is just smarter than everyone, because that poster idea was a disaster. It was smart of them to open up for suggestions, instead of just trying to promote the NYPD with pictures of pretty detectives. Personally, I would have made up a new email like instead of providing my work email. These posters are all over New York, Holt! You are going to get some weird emails. Maybe even some dirty ones. And you know you’re getting a lot of spam.

Rosa and Terry

I seriously hate Scully and Hitchcock. I’m sorry but they add no comedic value to this show, they are just the weird annoying Jabba the Hut characters sitting in the background. You know, I take that back, Scully is bearable, because he’s had a little more character development. Hitchcock is the worst. I would’ve enjoyed seeing Rosa attack them for eating her Moose Tracks; hopefully we’ll get something like that in the future. Terry and Rosa shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time trying to prove those menaces are lactose intolerant, only to have them stink up the bathroom! Gross.

Hopefully next time we’ll get a little less Hitchcock and Scully and a little more Jake and Amy!