Season 6 is over, but Season 7 is lurking beneath the surface

Before we get into sorting the good and bad that season 6 gave us we should note the short 10 episode season, and how it means that we get our next season this spring. Season 7 has even churned out its first promo that you can see here.

In case you can’t click a hyperlink, this is the gist of it:


Source: American Horror Story Twitter

There are a million (4 or 5) theories surrounding the short clip but none are concrete enough to get excited about.

Most noteworthy is the Ryan Murphy interview that stated Season 7 will include expanded mythos and explore the backstories of characters from Freakshow.

So season 6.  The end was polarizing, the cast is mostly dead, Ryan Murphy told us Scathach (the witch of the woods) was the original supreme and has ties to Coven.  Unfortunately basic 9th grade English class taught us all that writing should show and not tell, and it should actually be included in the show.

Tho we didn’t love all of the choices we did love the refreshing changes this season.

– The increased carnage.  Almost every cast member died and we got to see it from interesting first person perspectives

– The gritty juxtaposition between the villains in the reenactment and the real villains seen later.

-Kathy Bates going back to her Misery roots and blowing us all away.

-Leslie Jordan as Cricket.

-Angela Bassett directed episodes.

-Openly lgbt scenes

-Lee Miller.  She was a survivor until the very end.


Source: American Horror Story / FX

Things we didn’t love:

-The disjointed and overcrowded hodgepodge of evil spirits

-The unexplained bits and pieces (Why is Croatoan sometimes effective and sometimes not?  What is its purpose?)

-The cut-aways on certain death scenes.

-Flora being selfish

-The cringe-worthy and downright hilarious horror tropes that almost made this season a parody

-Was the uber driver related to Myrtle Snow?

-If the witch of the woods was the first supreme how are her magic and spirit still alive but being passed on?  When was she in Salem?  She didn’t show that to Cricket in her flashback.  Why was a crowbar so effective in making her go away?

-The first 20 minutes of the finale

-The last 5 minutes of the finale


Source: American Horror Story / FX

We can’t wait for Season 7 and more stitching together the interconnected pieces of the American Horror Story universe.

Now what theories are you carrying?


Source: American Horror Story / FX