This show is insane, I’ll say it, you’re thinking it, I’m thinking it, it’s the truth. This episode we start out with Nora talking about how she paid a hooker to shoot her because she wanted to die. Kevin not one to be outdone wants to make sure we know that he buried a body in the woods. If that isn’t full disclosure on how you want to start a family I don’t know what is.

We finally got a solid theory on the departures, I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been breached before. This team from MIT honed in to buy Nora’s house, for considerably above her asking price. Their theory, which gave them the grant money to offer $3 million for the house, is that the departures happened according to certain area’s in the world. Her family was all sitting at the table and departed, she was across the way in the kitchen and didn’t. They want to research the areas to get a better understanding and openly admitted they would not be surprised if it happened again. Which again is another thing I always thought. What is to stop this from happening again? Where do you go? How is it decided who or where leaves and not?

So obviously Nora sells her house for $3 million dollars and they decide to move to Miracle, Texas. So they rent a house sight unseen because that’s normal. They get to Miracle and it looks like a cross of a circus, a festival, and a zombie apocalypse camp. The community is gated, has guards, puts pets into quarantine, all the signs that would make me not comfortable with just going in. The team presses on to find out that the house they ‘rented’ burned down. How convenient, but as luck would have it the town is having the first house auction of the summer, and Nora eventually decides to bid $3 million dollars sight unseen for the house to secure living in the area. As you would expect the house is in shambles.

All of this leads up to the big moments of the episode. Kevin is still getting flashes and seeing dead people. It’s really messing with his mind and he can’t concentrate, injures himself, and is obviously losing his bearings. We have timeline that flashes way back, and then concurrent with the time line of episode one.

During the big earthquake in episode one corresponded with the departures of the teenage girls at the water, we see Kevin’s foot is tied to a weight at the bottom of the empty water bank right after the departure happened. So how did he get there? This must confirm that departures still end up on earth somewhere? How did he end up departed but not Nora? Once again so many questions, not enough answers. Will we ever know?