Daredevil 312 3

Karen giving an important statement on Daredevil’s behalf. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 12 “Reunion.”

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “One Last Shot” and any episodes that occur prior**

“I want to be on the right side of the line again!”

And just like that, their one last chance to stop Fisk within the system is gone. After Fisk gets to the jurors, Nadeem’s testimony case is tossed out. Seeing no other option to keep his family safe, he escapes from Team Daredevil—only to sacrifice his life as Dex kills him in cold blood. I was really starting to feel for the guy, and connect with him. I know he started the season out rocky, but he had gotten to such an intriguing place within the story. I’ll definitely miss him. It’s good that he got to go out on his own terms, and standing firm on the right side of the line.

The Journey to Nadeem’s ultimate demise was a fantastic one, and offered us some great tense action sequences. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but holy hell. The entire ambush sequence was not only fantastically creative and well made, but was also just pure adrenaline fun. The fact that Daredevil was pointing to the targets for Nadeem was insane—and it only got crazier as they progressed down the street. I don’t know how the show does it, but I seriously can’t get enough of their action sequences. Seeing the two of them team up was a blast, and now extremely bittersweet in hindsight.

Daredevil 312 2

Matt teaming up with Ray, and being his auto aim assist. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 12 “Reunion.”

Even before all of that action began, watching Nadeem interact with Daredevil and Co. was great. Seeing Foggy and Matt back together was almost surreal, a feeling furthered by the fact that Nadeem was their client. When it comes to Charlie Cox and his performances—well they’re always stellar. However something really clicked when he drilled Nadeem to see how he would hold up to the pressure on the stand. It was so natural and well done. We haven’t seen the lawyer side of the show for a long while, so it was refreshing to not only get some,  but to get some with hefty stakes involved as well.

While Kingpin was micromanaging Nadeem’s sinking ship, he also had to contend to a very important homecoming. Vanessa, Fisk’s one true love, is finally back in the picture. I really enjoyed the fact that she wasn’t immediately satisfied when she got there. How she always felt surrounded by Fisk’s stuff, and never on her own on was a fantastic touch. The show clearly wants to set her up as not only the right hand of Fisk romantically, but also when it comes to ruling the city. She even got a nice introduction to Dex, who felt himself being phased out by Fisk. In an attempt to remain important, he even went and got Vanessa’s infamous painting—presumedly killing the poor women that Fisk had shown mercy to earlier. Something tells me Dex is going to have a fairly hefty falling out soon with the Kingpin of crime.

Daredevil 312 1

The Kingpin and his right hand–in a snow storm. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 12 “Reunion.”

“One Last Shot” showed us that there is no outsmarting, or out maneuvering The Kingpin. Nelson & Murdock was so damn close,  but in the end, Ray was discredited and killed. I mean is the only way truly for Matt to go kill Fisk himself? Or is there some miracle left field play? While we all know the good guys are going to triumph, at this point it’s a question of if it will be legally through the system—or the other way.

Bonus Notes:
– Dex using his suicide hotline dialogue and techniques with Ray was a fantastic touch.
– Can I just complain about something for a second? WHY IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH WAS NADEEM’S WIFE SO UPSET? Did she not understand the gravitas of the situation? Has that somehow escaped her understanding. I am beyond baffled as to how she reacted to him after he SAVED THEIR LIVES, and the cold display she put on for him. Hopefully she finally sees the bigger picture—though it’s too late now with Nadeem dead.
– I like how they took over the boxing place. Maybe this will become their future law office?


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