“A perk to being predisposed to cancer, you’re the youngest person at the fertility clinic.”

The episode opens with Jane accompanied by Sutton and Kat at a fertility clinic. She’s flabbergasted by the pricing for one session of fertility treatments. After insurance, it would still cost her $750. Jane rightly scurries away with her friends, stealing macaroons as the exit.

I would have honestly loved seeing more of Sutton doing her fashion thing while in Paris. But I have to say this finale was great.

Kat and Adena have made up, and it looks great for them. But I was furious by the episode’s end not because Nikohl Boosheri’s character might be leaving the show, but by how the writers left Kadena’s story line.

Like, how do you drop a bomb on a character like Kat Edison? How awful it must have felt to again be left on a break/short of a breakup with a woman you love because her creativity has ebbed since being with her?

Please tell us if Nikol is returning to the Bold Type. I need more Adena in my life. We were completely robbed of great angst surrounding her immigration status this season. It would have stood stronger than Jane’s love triangle and problematic opinions.

At least Adena’s visa was approved, so perhaps her character will pop in from time to time next season.


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Can I just say I LOVE Oliver? First, he gave Sutton her nickname, Red. Second he gave us Black People Snack time. Now, he gave Sutton the chance to chase after Richard and confess her feelings haven’t burned away; they’ve only gotten stronger?

Not to mention, Sutton was the sweetest when she arrived to support Richard at his father’s funeral. Richard and Sutton, despite their age difference, make such a wonderful representation of what a professional, supportive couple looks like on television.


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I just hope that the next season veers away from making Jane’s story lines such a focal point. I mean, up until the last moment we saw her quizzically wondering which guy to choose: Ryan or Ben? Make a decision and move on already!

I’m also worried about Jacqueline’s status as Editor of Scarlet. It seems the board couldn’t handle her allowing Jane’s expose on Stafford’s sexist health coverage policies to reach the web was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


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Will Melora Hardin be returning to the show next spring? I sincerely hope so. Her character has more to offer all of the women on the show.

And I definitely want to witness more of Alex next season.

He got an attractive makeover, rocking the beard and adopting a stronger sense of style since Sutton’s made him over. I just want to know what else he does in his life outside of reporting on the Royal Wedding and lighter pieces for Scarlet. Just let me have more of Alex in my life.

Richard Hunter, outside of his board room, and his and Sutton’s relationship. And Angie, the darling college girl whom Kat hired under the social media department…where is she. Bring them all back and into focus more. Is that too much to ask for?

Time will tell.