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Buckle Up Guys! It’s Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride…..


“She’s been locked
away since the beginning of time does she even know what a cheeseburger is?” 

11 years later, Supernatural still manages to pull one hell
of a start to the 11th season and thus making it officially the
longest running sci-fi/fantasy show in the US and after this first episode I
think it’s safe to say we are in for one hell of a ride so buckle up folks. We
start right where we left off in the season finale – the Darkness has spread
through the world and Sam, Dean and Cas have to stop it. The only thing we know
so far is that it seems the Darkness has taken the shape of a woman who
appeared in front of Dean and thanked him for setting her free. Horrified, Dean
tells Sam about this visit, unaware that he’d been grabbed out of the Impala
and woken up in the middle of a few miles away. On the way to finding out
what’s going on, Sam and Dean encounter several cars with dead people in them
and a young female police officer who appears to be one of the few survivors.
Together they meet a man, Mike, with his baby daughter. Mike turns out to be
infected with the Darkness and leaves his baby daughter Amara for Sam, Dean and
the police officer to protect before he dies.


“Goodbye Dean, it may
be sometime before we see each other again.”

Meanwhile, Castiel whom is in bad shape and somewhat
deranged with blood-stained eyes praying to heavens to not make him do worse.
In a heart-wrenched phone call to Dean and Sam he tells them he’ll be unable to
help them despite knowing about the Darkness and hangs up the phone telling
them goodbye for what seems to be an uncertain amount of time. Towards the end
of the episode, we find out Sam may be infected with the Darkness and Crowley doesn’t
seem to be too worried about the Darkness and more afraid about his mother, the
witch Rowena being after him.

This season had a solid start and one of the more different
Season premiere’s we’ve seen so far but I have to admit it looks promising and I’ll
be intrigued to see what happens. There was a lot of strong, heartfelt acting
and a few scenes that made me particularly teary eyed so I’ll leave with a
speech from Sam which may be one of the best monologues in the history of the


“When did we forget how to do this? Dean, if
we don’t change right now all of our crap is just going to keep repeating
itself. This. This kill first question later… What happened to us? The hunting
things we’re good at that, sure; we’re great at that. But it’s only half of the
bumper stick man. … What about the others out there? The ones that are sick.
The ones who are dying. Saving people means all of the people Dean. Not just
that baby. Not just each other. I unleashed a force on this world that could
destroy it, to save you. And I’d do it again. In a second, I’d do it again. And
that is what I’m talking about. This isn’t on you, it is on us. We have to


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