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“Christopherrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” is how we open up to the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit Los Angeles in this second part of the second episode. Buck is searching for Christopher, and apparently there wasn’t another wave that hit, but the water was just receding. The drama intensifies and the 118 is doing their usual to save everyone. This time on a ferris wheel. We flashback to a few hours before the disaster hit. We are introduced to the insignificant back story of Max and Stacey until BOOM, once again the tsunami hits. Fast forward back to present time and the 118 is trying to rescue everyone before the ferris wheel topples over. And amazingly they make it just in time. The 118 has a temporary crew member, Bosko, but she seems like she is trying to be superwoman. She is inured and trying to find her captain.

Buck still looking for Christopher, gets a voicemail from Diaz, Chris’s dad, and there is a child trapped that he thinks is him. While rescuing the child, he realizes its not her and Buck cuts his arm in the process. Now remember he is on blood thinners because of the pulmonary embolism he suffered in episode one. Continuing on with the show the 911 operators, Maddie to be exact, receives a call from an out of state caller who is trying to get in touch with her daughter. But she is halted from helping because no one has called in looking for help. Then we cut to the little girl who had the drone, Charlotte, she was on the pier with the old man who was drawing. She ends up using the girl to check on the place where no one is calling in. And low and behold the day is saved. I just feel like they could have taken this episode in so many directions and they just ruined what could have been a great story line.

We finally get to see Athena halfway into the episode and she is doing a pretty good job of directing her staff to provide assistance to folks. Buck is still looking for Christopher with no luck in site. By this time it is night. Buck is feeling faint, from the blood that he is losing but only realizes it once someone asks if he needs help. We cut back to the apartment complex and the 118 is also there to assist those who need help. The residents have all pretty much passed out due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The 118 begin to rescue all the people and then Hen discovers a new threat. There is a gas truck leaking gas into the water. To no one’s surprise the gas catches on fire just as Chim finds trucks to haul everyone out. They get the last person in before the truck blows up. Everyone saved.

More episode fillers and just useless footage. Athena playing neighborhood watch and Diaz helping Bosko out and saving a kid’s life and deciding to help out at the makeshift hospital. Do we have a meet cute from Bosko and Diaz? Is she going to be a part of the show now? Or does she have a thing for her captain? Who knows? Meanwhile Athena hears some banging and runs into Bosko’s captain stuck under a truck by his arm. Then she learns she has to cut it off.  So, she finds some utensils and proceeds to cut off Ronnie’s arm. But they at least introduce each other before she takes on this most painful act. She saves his life and but not his arm. And they end up back the hospital which seems to be the meeting point of the episode.

So, now the entire crew of the 118 and Athena are all at the hospital. One person we haven’t seen this episode is Athena’s exhusband. We learned last episode that his boyfriend (the man he left Athena for) have split up. Ain’t that a kick in the head and he confided in Bobby so Athena still doesn’t know. Not sure where that is going but I guess we will find out. Buck finally arrives and of course he is still looking for Christopher. So he calls Maddie and tells he all that has happened and that he can’t find Christopher and that he is gone. Buck is distraught and now he has to tell Eddie that his son is gone. But while he’s on the phone he sees Eddie and hides. Scared to tell Eddie that he lost his son since he just lost his wife in a car accident. Eddie spots Buck and he tries to explain what happened. Then we see the woman who has been carrying around someone for a good while now, and it turns out to be Christopher, Buck almost passes out from relief. And that is pretty much the end of the show. Eddie and Buck’s friendship is then solidified as Buck realized that Eddie knows he did all he could to keep his son safe and that he is not to blame! Overall and ok episode with Ed Sheeran playing the background and Buck speaking over the music and everyone reconciles what happened and overall what is most important in life.