“Only in Sleepy Hollow
does your boss get eaten by a demon.”

Ichabod and Abbie are roommates! This can only be fun right?
It may only be a temporary arrangement until Ichabod finds his own place but I’m
half hoping it’ll take a long while before that happens. He’s still struggling
to get on with modern technology and ovens not to mention awkwardly finding
Abbie’s underwear in the laundry basket but even so it works. It adds a new
tone to the series and you get to see a different part of their friendship.

Meanwhile, Pandora releases a dark shadow and uses it to
look into people’s mind and see their darkest secrets.  Abbie and Crane are called to the scene where
they find out the victim’s name is Paul Everett who supposedly died of a heart
attack which Ichabod find strange as it’s very obvious to him that Mr Everett
died of fear.

Queue introduction of FBI Agent Reynolds, the new regional
chief who knew Abbie from the Academy. It’s clear from the start Abbie and
Reynolds have some kind of history and Ichabod immediately becomes very
protective of her to the point where Reynolds assumes that they are, in fact,


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“I shall find my place
in this modern world, but not at the cost of my colonial soul.”

Ichabod catches a glimpse of what he thinks is some kind of
supernatural entity and refers to research of shadow creatures back at the
archives. When he tells Abbie he felt something between her and Reynolds that
wasn’t just professional she tells him to mind his own business. Since the
start of this season, Abbie has been more reluctant to get involved with the Supernatural
war and keeps referring to Ichabod that she’s building something for herself
with her career and doesn’t want it spoiled by being dragged back into the supernatural
with Ichabod. I can’t help but to wonder if something might happen this season
to make Abbie realise that she needs to keep both feet in the real world and in
her job as a witness to make her see the importance of it. Maybe not something
as extreme as what happened with Ichabod and Katrina but something that might
make her realise she can’t keep her distance from it forever.  Flashback to colonial times where Ichabod
tells Abbie of a shadow wraith he encountered with Betsy (Pandora) and he is
certain that the same wraith is what’s been killing people in Sleepy Hollow

Meanwhile, Joe Corbin is back trying to convince Jenny that’s
it’s about time for him the fight and help them in any way that he can but
Jenny isn’t entirely convinced. Later she ends up saving Joe from nearly
getting killed by a man called Randall which doesn’t exactly make it any less
complicated. Could this be the start of a thing between Jenny and Joe? I might
have been reading into the hints but the inner shipper in me can’t help but to
hope so.


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“Promise you’ll tell
me if you find something?”

An encounter with the wraith which leads Ichabod and Abbie
to finding the other victims it’s after and in the nick of time Ichabod manages
to find a way to depower the creature after learning its true name. I always
find impressive and gives a show more credit when they use old folklore, like
the fact that you can have power over anyone or anything as long as you know
their true name. Ichabod manages to defeat the Wraith and all is well, right?
Maybe not, the creature turned out to be one of Ichabod’s enemies from the past
who’d made a pact with evil and it made Ichabod question some of his previous
choices. In a moment of sharing secrets, Abbie tells Ichabod that she found his
father though the FBI database. At the very end of the episode, the two
witnesses discover the footage of Pandora/Betsy talking to Paul Everett before
he died and Abbie realises it’s the same woman she met at the bar a week before
and they come to the conclusion that she must be the one behind the recent evil
attacks in Sleepy Hollow.

Another excellent episode! The Wraith was terrifying and we
might have Joe on the team now! I’m more curious about Pandora/Betsy and what
she’s really after. Is there going to be anything between Abbie and Agent
Reynolds and how will Ichabod relate to it? Are they going to be able to save
the archives? Will Ichabod become an American citizen? I don’t know about you
but I can’t wait to tune into next week’s episode!


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Leftenant, take that
victory, it’s hard-won.”