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Bachelorette Jane was plagued by a pretty tough decision last week on Jane the Virgin, but it’s hard to think anything through when Kesha’s your neighbor and she won’t turn down her amps. Yes. The real Kesha. Hot and dangerous Kesha. And she did not like babies! But that was minor compared to the other drama that went down in this episode.

The main plot focused on Jane trying to choose between Michael and Rafael. Obviously I’m #TeamRafael. Jane may love them both, but Rafael made her heart beat red in that car! I didn’t see Michael doing that to her. And even though he told Jane that she couldn’t really love Rafael, I think it’s just the opposite. It’s safe and comfortable with Michael. Which is boring. Rafael deserves a little happiness. Also, maybe it’s because I’m wearing Rafael colored lenses, but all of those flashbacks just showed me all that Jane did for Michael; I’m not saying he hasn’t done a lot for her, but it reminded me of why they broke up last season. Instead of empathizing with Jane and her pregnancy, Michael only focused on himself and how this pregnancy would mess up his plans with Jane. Both men have their strengths and their flaws. They really do. I can see how people ship Jane and Michael. I just don’t; sorry, not sorry. Rafael has had a very hard few years and now it’s going to get even harder, especially since he now knows he’s the poor sucker who fathered Petra’s baby. I was REALLY hoping that wouldn’t stick. But, alas, this is Jane the Virgin and the drama is never ending.



Speaking of drama (of the unsatisfying variety), it turns out that villain at the end of the premiere WAS Sin Rosetro. She seems to be hiding out in Switzerland. And she has a creepy bald henchman who’s spying on Jane and kidnapping Luisa. Because that’s normal henchman activity. What else do you want girl? Seriously, what else do you want? I have no idea.

Back to satisfying drama, on the cruise ship of love, Xo and Ro reunited after a kitschy version “Island in the Stream”, only to see Xiomara decide she would still like the annulment…which I understand. Rogelio still has some unresolved feelings for his ex-wife Luciana, which need to be sorted out before he embarks on a new serious relationship. Look who’s getting all mature! Way to go, Xo! Also, who knew Rogelio had such a complicated relationship with Charro?

A few more thoughts and questions as we lead into next week:

Thought: I really hope Abuela will be able to get her green card–she’s such a sweet little woman!

Question: Who do you think Lachlan is working for? Sin Rosetro? Or the woman the used to be Sin Rosetro?

Thought/Question: Scott gives off quite the gay vibe to me, how did Rafael think he was the baby daddy? (Maybe I’m wrong here)

Question: Will Luisa ever be more than the screw-up background character?

Question: How long will Xo and Ro be on that cruise ship?

Question: Where did bachelorette Jane get her dresses? They were fabulous.