Recap and Review: HTGAWM S2E2, “She’s Dying”


As viewers, we’ve all been subject to numerous shows using flashbacks and flash forwards to hammer a point home. In some shows, it can be an annoyance to the point of distraction. Pete Nowak and the HTGAWM writer’s room have carved out a tightly coiled balance in storytelling of the present and the future, all while maintaining the elegance of the narrative.

This past week’s episode delved into the idea of relationships: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. HTGAWM doesn’t shy away from the deep dive of an antagonistic professional acquaintanceship (such as Annalise and the assistant D.A., Ms. Sinclair). We witness the attempted dressing down of Annalise by A.D.A Emily Sinclair during Mate’s murder trial. We see said attempt thwarted in tandem by a brutal cross-examination by Eve (Famke Janssen) and Annalise herself (absolutely demolishing A.D.A Sinclair’s competence from the witness stand).

This relationship exploration didn’t end there; the raw, uncensored conversation between Bonnie and Annalise felt like a turning point in their oddball employer/employee mentorship. When Bonnie achingly admitted she killed Rebecca for Annalise,her response of “I’ve ruined you” shows just how codependent they’ve become to each other.

“She’s Dying” felt like a kitchen sink episode: a lot of information crammed into a small space. We’ve got Connor/Oliver (Coliver? Olinnor?) domestic problems, Michaela being scammed by ‘Eggs’ (Rebecca’s last text communication partner) and Laurel and Frank being…whatever they are (a moment of reverent silence for Frank Delfino in an undershirt though. Amen.). There was almost an over saturation of ‘what can possibly come next’ for the audience, although done in a clever and interesting manner.

This innovative and inventive episode ends with a flash forward: expanding on Annalise being shot and bleeding out, we see the interns (in varying degrees) scatter like roaches, while Connor stays behind to help initially. The camera pans out and there’s another morsel for the viewer to digest: A.D.A Sinclair, neck broken, body mangled, splayed out at the Hapstall mansion, deader than dead.

The twists and the turns continue…now onto the favorites:

Favorite Lines

“I didn’t take care of you; I ruined you.” Annalise to Bonnie

“I don’t hate you, but I hate the way how you make me feel.” Eve to Annalise

“You’re not normal. Not anymore you ain’t.” Frank to Laurel

Best Fashion

Frank in the undershirt. Need I say more?