Wow! I knew it was going to be good but if it’s one
thing this show is good at, it’s keeping you on your toes and always throwing new
surprises in your direction.  But I’m
getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Season 3 premiere starts 9 months after the
ending of Season 2. Abbie and Ichabod have temporarily parted ways. Abbie has
finally joined the FBI and is no longer a lieutenant but rather Special Agent
Mills. Ichabod is rather…locked up. When working on a case, Abbie gets a phone
call from customs agents telling her that Ichabod is in jail after having been
charged with smuggling. At first the reunion seems almost bittersweet as Abbie
tells Ichabod off for not calling her sooner.
We find out that over the past 9 months Ichabod hasn’t been in contact
with Abbie at all and he explains he needed time to get over Katrina and who
can blame him?

To Ichabod’s disappointment, Abbie seems to have
detached herself from their mission as Witnesses as she tells him how she’s
starting to enjoy her job with the FBI and doesn’t at first believe Ichabod when
he tells her strange things are afoot. It doesn’t take long before Abbie is
called to a murder scene where they manage to find a residue related to a demon
drawn to anger and violence. We learn that it could only have been summoned by
someone powerful that leaves Ichabod and Abbie realising that maybe evil has
once again returned to Sleepy Hollow.

After some turmoil, they manage to defeat the demon
and Abbie realises that her mission is still to fight alongside Ichabod and
keep evil away from Sleepy Hollow. They finally hug (these are always my
scenes) and decide to have a long needed catch up at a bar.

At the very end of the episode, Abbie runs into a
woman at the pub who introduces herself as
Pandora (played by Shannyn Sossamon) and when Abbie turns around to go
back to Ichabod, Pandora’s eyes change colour and glow. Is she the new villain
of the story?

Much to my own delight this episode contained a lot
of the elements which made me first fall in love with the show. Ichabod’s ever
amusing rants about how the America he fought for is not the America that got
shaped and how history is not being represented in the way that it ought to be.
I already can’t wait for next week and I’m intrigued to see how Pandora plays
into it all. Are they going to use actual Greek mythology with Pandora’s box?
We’ll just have to tune in next week to find out more.