Last season of the Originals left me in a whirlwind
of emotions and I can’t wait to see what the writers have stocked up for us
with Season 3 so here are a few things I’d love to see.

Kol/Davina – It has to be said. I want Kol back. I mean
who doesn’t? I want Davina to have her happy ending because after everything
that’s happened over the past two seasons, she deserves it. But with her being
the head of the coven in New Orleans, who knows what she’ll be able to cook up.

The Wolves
– Will Elijah find a way to break the curse again? And if he does
what will happen?

Hayley and Elijah –I want it, you guys want it and
it’s been a long time coming. I hope this season will finally see Hayley and
Elijah owning up to their feelings and finally get together.

Klaus – Klaus put a lot at risk last season with
the final plan on how to destroy Dahlia so the question now stands – will his
siblings forgive him? Particularly Elijah considering Hayley is now back to
being a Wolf. Will he get a chance to care for Hope or will Hayley take her
from him?

– It took a while before I learned to like Cami and I’m still not sure I
do but I have to agree she does bring the human element and often acts as the
rational mind which is always necessary in a world of supernatural drama and
turmoil. What does this season have in store for her? Maybe some romance? Will
there be some Klaus/Cami moments for us in the near future? Who knows but I can’t
help but to hope so.

– Rebekah decided not to stay in her original body because being
a witch made her more powerful so the question is will she keep her promise to
help Davina bring back Kol and how? Will Marcel be by her side or will he
continue to fight Klaus for the power of New Orleans or has he learned his