Episode Synopsis:

When Nick freaks out after Reagan (guest star Megan Fox) lands him a book signing, Jess scrambles to boost his confidence and help it go smoothly. Meanwhile, Winston reveals to Schmidt and Cece that he’s proposing to Aly (guest star Nasim Pedrad), but needs their help to execute the big plan.

Big Break

Nick is feeling depressed (and even wearing his sad hoodie), which freaks the gang out because he tried to get The Pepperwood Chronicles published, but got rejected. Thankfully, Jess was there to save the day, and not his girlfriend. Jess knew something was up, so yet again, she acted as the middle man for Nick and Reagan. She found out that Nick got denied by a publishing company, and had to let Reagan know, so she knew what was going on with her boyfriend. As helpful as Reagan could be, she ended up getting Nick some publicity at a bookshop, by letting him sell some copies of his book and also do a reading. If Nick wasn’t spiraling already, he really went off the deep end when he heard that he had to read in front of people. And yet again, Jess knew why Nick was acting hysterical; unbeknownst to Reagan. So in order to cheer him up, Jess decided to help him put together his books, which took a slight turn for the worst, but also hilarious at the same time. The two used some very strong glue, to put together the books, and while doing so, got high in the process. Man, during these scenes, I felt like it was the old Nick and Jess again. Just messing around and being silly. Finally, when it was time for Nick to give his reading, things of course backfired. Nick totally freaked out and hid under a children’s book house. This in turn, gave us another great moment concerning Nick and Jess. Reagan, really having no emotions, has no idea how to cheer Nick up, so she asks Jess for advice about what she should say. This is when Jess gives one of the most heartfelt speeches ever! It really showed that she knows Nick inside and out and that she truly cares about him. And can we scream yet again, because she said that she loved him! 😲 Well, eventually Nick returned to the podium, and knocked it out of the park. Sadly, only one person bought his book, but he made some achievements in some regards. I’m just so happy that he’s progressing as a character and getting help along the way by people who truly care about him. Lastly, I just gotta say, that this episode definitely showed that Nick and Reagan are not compatible. Reagan really doesn’t understand people, because she’s not good with emotions, so it’s hard for her to support people wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Jess is the total opposite, and knows all of Nick’s signs of distress, and knows how to cheer him up whenever he needs it. Nick and Jess are SO CLOSE to getting together, that I can taste it. I can’t wait!


Winston breaks the news to Schmidt and Cece, that he’s going to propose to Aly! 👏 He trusts that they can keep it a secret and can be great sidekicks to make the proposal just right. He tells them that he wants them to distract Aly at their house, while he sets up a great picnic for the two of them. When the four meet at the bar, Schmidt and Cece are already giving off strange vibes and are already making Aly super uncomfortable. They take Aly back to their house, and have her paint one of their unfinished rooms. Things get even more awkward, because Winston is taking way too long, and Aly wants to leave pronto. To distract her even further, Schmidt and Cece decide to take it up a notch, and tell Aly that they’re having marital problems. The two make up some crazy lies about how Cece is addicted to eating sweets, and how Schmidt has a gambling problem. Really wanting to leave, Aly starts to walk out of the house, when she realizes that Winston is probably trying to play a prank on her. Thankfully, Schmidt and Cece go along with her conclusion and they head to the “proposal” destination. Winston surprises Aly with the gorgeous picnic, and while the lovebirds enjoy their day, Schmidt and Cece wait eagerly for the proposal. After nothing happens, Winston walks over and tells them that they can leave. Also, he makes matters worse, by telling Schmidt and Cece that this is just the beginning of his plan for how he’s going to propose to Aly. There’s going to be several days of surprises, and Schmidt and Cece have to help him. Well, Schmidt downright refuses, but of course, we all know he’s still going to help against his will. This just might get a little torturous.