A long time ago, well 11 seasons give or take ago, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I wasn’t keen on it at first. I was a huge ER fan and when that ended, I didn’t want to get sucked into another show like that. Well reruns during summer vacations with two young children at home, and I was sucked in. I knew how to dance it out, who my person was, what McDreamy and McSteamy meant, and when anyone said “Seriously” in any way shape or form, I knew they were a fan too.

The thing is how many tragedies could befall on Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital? Or as Yang called it in the fatal airplane crash episode…Seattle Mercy Death Hospital. I mean, seriously, angry former patient with a gun roaming the hospital killing doctors while he looked for Derek? George…oh George, you brave little man, jumping in front of the bus to save someone.  Meredith drowning (accidentally or on purpose – you decide) at the ferry collision. Burke getting shot; the Code Black episode with the active bomb in the patient and Meredith holding on to it. The fight to save Callie and her baby.  And of course, Derek’s death. And that is where I honestly thought it would all end. McDreamy and Mer didn’t get their happily ever after. But before we see Season 12 and what Shonda Rhimes calls a “light hearted season” (please, no more singing episodes!) Let’s catch up on Season 11 where the theme of families was strong.
Okay, we have more family members now for Mer. She lost one half-sister in the plane crash but now has another.  Maggie Pierce is her half-sister from her mother Ellis. It’s a long shot that a 5 year old wouldn’t know her mother was pregnant, especially the daughter of Ellis Grey, but I’ll ride with this. Maggie’s father is Richard, but he never knew and was especially upset that this was kept from him. An aside here – does anyone remember that Meredith has a biological father and 2 other half sisters who seemed to have disappeared? – end of aside.

Also in other family members we have April and Jackson and my least favorite story line. I know that it was written because the actress who plays April was really pregnant and had to leave the show for some time, but losing the baby so tragically and then her going off to “war” leaving Jackson to grieve alone; that was just too fricking random for me. Now we’re left with a crying April with Arizona in the chapel and Jackson getting drunk at the wedding after giving his ultimatum. I’m not a fan of ultimatums, but I hope that April stays. She grew balls, now it’s time to use them where she belongs.

Speaking of Arizona, I didn’t see that curve ball coming. Yes, she and Callie faced a lot between the plane crash and losing a baby and the struggle to see if they could agree on where to go next. I didn’t see Callie being the one to throw the towel in. I always saw Arizona as the one who would walk away because she didn’t want a family.  Besides, I liked saying Callizona. ☺

More families now. Alex and Jo. Not able to warm up to that coupling. I never saw Alex with Mer or anything like that, but there is something about Jo I never liked. Telling him to sell Mer’s house back to her and move into the loft to make it theirs? It reminds me too much of Lexie and George when they lived in that dumpy apartment that she furnished with stuff stolen from the hospital.  And we have Bailey and Ben moving along accepting their family members as well as Owen and Amelia hooking up and Richard and Catherine finally getting married. I know I missed someone along the way, but that’s because I want to focus on the death of McDreamy.

Yes, it was done for other reasons, but it moved the storyline along. Was it important for Mer to be pregnant and Derek dead? I don’t know. What I do understand is her having to move out of that house. He built the house and she didn’t want to be there without him. When she wouldn’t tell anyone where she was, I secretly hoped she had gone to be with Christina during that time. But setting up and solidifying the relationship between Mer and Alex was a good road to go down in my opinion.  Now we will see how Mer, the three kids, Maggie, and Amelia living under one roof goes now.