Jacqueline Carlylye is getting slaughtered in the press. It worries me as a viewer to see the editor possibly leaving the mag. And Jacqueline seems to be quite overwhelmed.


giphy – TGON – The Bold Type – Freeform

Ryan and Jane’s elevator meets are becoming more and more frequent. It seems Jane is more into Ryan than Ben, who graciously created a binder full of fertility opens for his girlfriend.

Jane, Sutton and Kat take a roadtrip to obtain Sutton’s birth certificate. Apparently, on TV, it takes less than a week to obtain all the paperwork to create your first passport. And you’re allowed to smile for the camera. But that’s actually incorrect, if you want to receive a passport outside of tv dramas, you can’t smile with teeth, rather, you must give a more serious-faced look for the photo. I digress.

They arrive at Sutton’s childhood home, and Sutton can’t find the key.  Sutton decides to enter Thirsty Riley’s to get her key and confront her mother, who’s an alcoholic. She discovers her mother has been working for the bar, instead of drinking there for a while now, but Sutton is understandably afraid to believe in her mother’s progress. When you’re used to a scenerio repeating itself again and again, it only makes sense to think the worst.

I know I constantly assume something could go wrong at any moment. Success is fleeting and blah, blah, blah. That could be my cynical outlook on life talking though.

Sutton tries to find her birth certificate back at her home and has to call Babs for the spot. She’s eager to leave after that, but her friends implore her to make up with her mother.

“At least you have a mom.”

Jane played the dead mom card and I’m infuriated. Jane’s character has already received so much screen time this season, and her whining when the episode was supposed to focus on Sutton’s backstory is beyond irritating.


giphy – TGON – The Bold Type – Freeform

The limited screentime we receive with Kat and Adena is comforting, especially since Kat seems bummed out the their open relationship is impacting the time she has to spend with her girlfriend.

She got flirty with a townie at the bar, but ultimately decides to return to Adena, wanting to close their open relationship for good. I’m thrilled!

Kat struggles with the fact that the opening of the dot com resulted in comments on all media being taken away, per Jacqueline’s request. The readers of Scarlet agree with her, and Jacqueline calls Kat late as they’re leaving Harrisburg with her tail between her legs. After a thoughtful letter from the editor type response, the comments are back online. The revamp should be going better in the future. At least, this viewer hopes it will.