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Future Earth, the first companion leaving the TARDIS, the Doctor’s amazing goodbye speech, sassy Daleks? The Daleks having the weirdest most convoluted plan for the Earth? There are a lot of reasons The Dalek Invasion of Earth can be seen as a true Classic. These are my thoughts as I rewatched it for the first time in years!

Episode 1 – World’s End

“It’s forbidden to dump bodies into-”
Presumably into the river.
Hey! Dumping bodies in the river is forbidden! Even if it’s your own! Didn’t you read the sign??
TARDIS appears to be slightly not working
“Normal” oxygen and pressure = Earth?
The windows seem to have fallen out of the TARDIS
They’re on their planet. Is it the right time zone?
“Pretty deserted! It’s probably Sunday”
Definitely still London. Who knows when
Susan has fallen off something and sprained her ankle. Ian seems more annoyed that worried
And the TARDIS has been buried under a pile of rubble
Well done, Susan. You’ve ruined everything
“We’re going to need help to shift this?” Really Ian? Because it’s wobbling when you touch it
From Optimist to Ominous in 10 seconds or less!
The Doctor’s intuition about the time zone is usually about right
Oh come on, Susan! This isn’t the first time you’ve sprained your ankle!
“What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom!” The Doctor wouldn’t get away with saying that nowadays!
Spooky creaking from the seemingly abandoned warehouse
“Careful Doctor!” “I’m not a half-wit”
Barbara has finally noticed the Emergency Regulation poster
It’s a little bit selfish to want to stay together. In a cute way
There’s someone else there! Watching the Doctor and Ian
It hasn’t been used in years? That’s what you said during the Reign of Terror
Mid 22nd Century
Barbara has found the forbidden body in the river
Yes, follow the stranger. That always goes so well!!
Dead guy
Murdered guy
Ian why are you still carrying the whip you found on the body?
Wow Ian!! Kick down the door and almost kill yourself in the process!!
Sassy Doctor is Sassy
And now that guy has the whip! These people are kinky!
First thing they ask the women. If they can cook
I love Dortmun.
“She says she can cook. And what can do you?” “I eat” A girl after my own heart, Susan.
The Doctor and Ian are surrounded! I presume these are the Robo-Men. With whips.
One of my all time favourite cliffhangers! The Dalek emerging from the Thames!



Episode 2 – The Daleks

Ian questions the voice? Clearly it’s a Dalek!!
The Doctor just tells the Daleks to let them go. And then starts asking them questions.
“I think we better pit our wits against them and defeat them!” “Stop. I can hear you” Damn those Daleks and their ability to hear!
I think that Daleks are the Masters of Earth
Oh! The guy following Ian was David. We like David
Testing? We don’t need to test the bombs we create!
Ian still doesn’t seem to get the concept of Time Travel
The Daleks have special satellite dishes to let them move around
Resist and die. That seems like the usual Dalek way
So the Robomen eventually go insane and kill themselves?
I love how optimistic the Doctor is about everything
What is it the Daleks want on Earth? I’VE JUST REMEMBERED!!
“That’s all we need! One victory!” Because one victory will totally stop the Daleks? I’m not convinced that using your bomb on some of the Daleks will stop the others.
Surprise attack on the Daleks!
Barbara is the cleverest one there. As usual. Use the Roboman helmets to sneak in
Is any of this technobabble actually real? Or is it just the Doctor being sarcastic? “Hold that and shut up”
And the Doctor is going to be Robotised. Is that a word? This is not going to go well
So people have gone into the Dalek ship with bombs. And seem to have just pushed a Dalek down the ramp. I don’t think it had any control!

Episode 3 – Day of Reckoning

Men with knives have saved the Doctor!
Barbara runs off with a bomb to be a hero
What was the point of picking up that Dalek???
This ‘fight’ is very confusing. Lots of smoke and shouting
Are they killing people or taking prisoners? They don’ seem to be able to decide
What happened to Barbara? Apparently she was hurt? I didn’t see anything
Dortmun is obsessed with his bombs
Ian is still hiding under the floor in the Dalek ship
Was that guy’s Robot head supposed to fall off when Ian hit him?
David and Susan hiding together from the Daleks. They seem fairly enamoured with each other
The Doctor is alive! Good good
I adore the imagery of the Daleks in London. It is very pretty
Barbara and Jenny are running Dortmun across London
So everyone is making their own way up to Bedford to find out what the Daleks are mining for
Dortmun has gone outside alone to test his bombs. And was killed
Did that Dalek just mistake a headless mannequin for a real person?
The Doctor is obviously aware of Susan’s infatuation with David. And seems willing enough to trust him and see how things pan out. It’s fairly cute. I love the build up of the Susan/David relationship in this story
Considering the Robomen over there with what seems to be a massive bomb, I don’t think waiting is a good idea.


Source: BBC Doctor Who

Episode 4 – The End of Tomorrow

The Doctor has passed out
David is going to try to stop the bomb. By pouring the acid from another bomb on it
So you’ll just abandon the Doctor in London?
Ian and his new friend Larry are trying to find out what’s going on in the Dalek mine
Ian and Larry are being taken for Roboman selection
Ian has rendered the Roboman unconscious
Barbara and Jenny have stolen a truck from the museum
“It’s smells like an old goat farm” Susan, it’s a sewer!!
How did they not notice that guy with a gun before!
And here we get Barbara being totally awesome and running over a bunch of Daleks in a fire truck!!
The sewers are full of alligators!!
Ian and some guy called Ashton are having a minor argument about getting out of the camp
And there’s a strange monster called a Slyther wandering around wanting to eat people
David! Save Susan before she’s eaten by the Sewer Alligators!
Why is everyone useful killed instantly?

Episode 5 – The Waking Ally

Larry and Ian have climbed into bucker thing and thrown the Slyther off a cliff. And are being lowered down the mine
The Doctor is hitting a Roboman with his walking stick in true grumpy old man fashion
Barbara and Jenny come into a house where the women make clothes for the slaves. Who are obviously going to betray them to the Daleks
Ian and Larry are in the mines. Larry has been injured. According to Larry, his brother says the Daleks want the magnetic core of the Earth.
Larry’s brother is a Roboman. And in a dramatic scene, they’re now both dead
Susan and David are being so cute!
Daleks dare to tamper with the forces of creation! David doesn’t seem impressed by this
Barbara and Jenny are having a quick plotting session right in front of the Daleks. Ian is trying to get Barbara’s attention. Barbara uses Dortmun’s notes to try to gain leverage on the Daleks. It’s all very clever
The Daleks are trying to… stop the magnetic and gravitation forces in the Earth?
The Daleks want to.. turn the Earth into a giant space ship. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! How does that even work?????
Ian how do you manage to hide in all the worst places! Now you’re inside a giant bomb???

Episode 6 – Flashpoint

Ian is pulling at random wires. We get a lovely crotch shot for no apparent reason. And he’s now escaping
And he’s plummeting to his death?
Barbara is now happily using her knowledge of history to just mess with the Daleks!
The Doctor has a plot to break things. Barbara has been captured. And Ian’s at least alive. And randomly wandering the mines
The Daleks do a good job and spinning in unison
Ian has stolen some pieces of wood for a reason I’m yet to understand. And seems quite pleased with himself for it
Oh! To stop the bomb. Well duh
Ah! Susan and David are going to immobilise the Daleks. And it works!
The Doctor and Barbara give the Robomen new orders to kill the Daleks. Causing a massive riot
Ian has been reunited with the others! Daleks are being tipped over left right and centre! Isn’t it exciting!
They all triumphantly return to London and uncover the TARDIS. Susan seems sad to have to go
Barbara drags Ian away so that Susan and David can have a moment.
Susan thinks she can’t belong and that the Doctor needs her. So she can’t marry David even though they love each other
The Doctor locks the doors and says goodbye to Susan over the tannoy.

“One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. But until then there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs. And prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine..”