“Howwwww to Get Away With Murderrrrrrrr…”

This is my confession to all of my fellow TGON Family: I wasn’t interested in “How to Get Away with Murder” when Shondaland announced it as a new show for her popular TGIT lineup. I felt like another murder/mystery program trope wasn’t something that would capture and hold my attention.

And then executive producer Pete Nowalk blasted everyone out of the water with the news that Viola Davis was the lead.

VIOLA DAVIS. Oscar nominee, Tony Award-winning actress and all-around bad arse of the acting world was going to be on our screens. Weekly.


An actress of Viola’s caliber doesn’t just turn up randomly, headlining a tv drama. It was the moment I decided…I was in.

Season 1 gave us questions, some answers and even more “huh?” moments. The show hit its stride and made its presence felt during one pivotal scene alone though: the moment Annalise Keating literally STRIPS herself bare of her refinery and accoutrements-gazing at herself in the mirror-that’s when it got real. HTGAWM was here as a major player, riding on the coattails of its leader.

There were hiccups (was anyone else sick and tired of Rebecca & Wes as a couple?) but the end result of knowing who actually committed THE MURDER was gratifying (although we ended up with a second murder whodunnit with Rebecca’s death). Some questions and tidbits for season 2:

1. Where do Annalise and Sam go from here? Do they stay married or are they headed to divorce court?

2. Why was Frank moonlighting as Sam’s henchman? What does Sam have on him?

3. How do the interns/students fit into Annalise’s life now that they think the coast is somewhat clear?


I’m in a tizzy to find out. Join livetweet Thursdays, starting 9/24 at 10PM PST. Follow @thegameofnerds and use #HTGAWMNerdom. Let’s get it trending!