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UnREAL Review of “Espionage”

“Espionage” After a couple of weeks’ of more misses than hits, “UnREAL”-that little show that could-found its footing with this episode. Drawing on gossip spun into fact, “Espionage” delves into the relationships of the show...

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UnREAL Review of “Ambush”

Episode 6 “Ambush” “UnREAL”-and to an even greater extent, it’s show within, “Everlasting”-has pushed boundaries and smashed convention in its short season and a half on Lifetime Network. It provides a cathartic release for the...

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UnREAL Review of “Casualty”

Episode 6 “Casualty” The beauty of a satire like “UnREAL” is how unafraid and unapologetic it is at poking fun at the “showmances” of reality television. It boldly lets real-life snoozefests (cough “The Bachelor” cough) know...

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UnREAL Review of “Treason”

Episode 4: “Treason” When sugar-honey-iced-tea (aka ‘sh!t) hits the fan on the show within a show, it hits it HARD. For anyone that thought Quinn was spawned from a wolfpack and a lion pride, you were wrong. Our opener shows the...

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