Episode 4: “Treason”

When sugar-honey-iced-tea (aka ‘sh!t) hits the fan on the show within a show, it hits it HARD. For anyone that thought Quinn was spawned from a wolfpack and a lion pride, you were wrong. Our opener shows the ever-awkward, associate producer Madison offering Quinn Raisin-Bran without the raisins and Lucky Charms without the charms. The reason for this veritable feast? The death of Quinn’s father-a man we’ve seen hide nor hair of ever. The fearless (displaced) leader of ‘Everlasting’ doesn’t seem to broken up, but hungrier than ever to produce the best show (and beat Chet and Coleman’s visions of ‘Everlasting’ in the process). The last thing Quinn is interested in is the hows, whys or wheretofores of Rachel’s deception. Treachery is treachery in Quinn’s eyes, and Rachel’s is unforgivable.

The viewership gets a better understanding of just how badly injured Darius is. Unable to move, prostrate on his bed, Rachel and Coleman sneak a physician in to shoot examine and shoot him up with cortisone. This is expressly against the medical advice of Darius’s regular doctor who informs him he needs surgery and “to feel the pain.” This is an important designation between the two docs: if Darius has surgery, his football career is essentially over. If he doesn’t have surgery, he could be paralyzed eventually. The stress and argument over the decision causes Darius to fire his frienager (friend + manager=frienager), Romeo.

It’s a lot, especially on a set filled with conflicting personalities, shifting alliances and a lot of women vying for the affections of one man. At the end of the episode, there’s a heartfelt (unscripted, show-within-a-show) moment: Ruby has a frank and honest discussion with Darius about whom HE wants to be as a man and a leader…not whom everyone else wants him to be. They cap their heart-to-heart with smooches and guess who’s there to capture it all? Ruby’s (sorta) champion, Jay.

We didn’t discuss the fact that Chet kidnapped his son and got arrested, did we? Oh snazzles, we must talk about that another time, in another space.

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