Recap of “Guerrilla”

Last week’s episode gave a slight idea of where “UnREAL” was headed: two fractured shows produced by two fractured people. Quinn and Chet had very different approaches to the finished product of “Everlasting. Quinn took the tack of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” while Chet decided to produce “Miss AmeriNinja” (his words). Their babysitter/boss (the twenty-eight year old wunderkind, Coleman) decides to lean toward Chet’s pitch: hot girls, obstacle courses and ATVs. In an unguarded moment with Rachel, Coleman exposes the reasoning behind accepting Chet’s horrible pitch: he WANTS him to fail. He WANTS the testosterone-fueled nonsense of Chet’s “vision” to be so craptacular, network head Gary has to hand the reigns back to Quinn. Of course, Coleman could totally be a double agent, playing Quinn and Chet off each other for his own gain…but honestly? Nah.

The competition heats up between the women with Quinn leaning hands-on in the production game and going “Balls deep in this bitch.” She plays Brandi the damaged MMA fighter against Chantal the Atlanta beauty queen, and the results are dangerous. On an obstacle course for a one-on-one date with Darius, Brandi yanks Chantal off of the course wall and she falls, hitting her head. What happens next is a free fall of season one proportions. Locked in “The Hole,” Brandi spills the details of her foster care upbringing to Darius. She reveals private info on camera and it bites her in the backside in the end. She attacks Darius when Quinn and Rachel manipulate her life story and he cuts her from the competition. Adios, MMA chica.

Quinn-back in the driver’s seat-delivers a sizzle reel of epicness to network head Gary. In a backstabbing move, Gary thanks her by giving Coleman a luxury sports car (Lamborghini? Ferrari? One of those). He also drops the dime on Rachel’s betrayal: Quinn had no clue Rachel went behind her back to complain. It appears the “Money. Power. Dick. alliance is at an end.

We didn’t touch on the fact that Rachel and Coleman got up close and personal after many mutually lingering looks, Darius is laid out in the bed, unable to move…and Chet probably kidnapped his newborn son. We shall see the progression folks. We shall see. Join in for our next livetweet, Monday June 28th at 10PM PST, using #GetReal.