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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Returns

The brilliance of early 20th profiling is back in #TheAlienistAngelOfDarkness.

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The Alienist Review – ‘Many Sainted Men’

All Saints Are Not Saints

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The Alienist Review – ‘Ascension’

Suspects Ascending, Reason Descending

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The Alienist Review – ‘Hildebrandt’s Starling’

“Look at your bird Laszlo…Look at your bird”

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The Alienist Review- ‘Bloody, Bloody Thoughts’

The Bloodiest of Thoughts Abound

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The Alienist Review – ‘Smiles Hide Lies’

The Evil of a Silver Smile is Clear

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“The Alienist” – The Fruits of Evil

Ill-Gained Fruits are Bitter for “The Alienist”

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“The Alienist” – Recap of ‘The Boy on the Bridge’

The Alienist’s Hunt Begins with a Bang

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“The Alienist”: TNT’s​ Foray into the Birth of Forensic Psychology

TNT’s Latest: A Forensic Whodunnit

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