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The Alienist Review – ‘Hildebrandt’s Starling’

"Look at your bird Laszlo...Look at your bird"
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“Look at your bird, Laszlo. Look at your bird.”

For all of his bluster and authority, Dr. Kreizler has moments of inadequate feelings and uncertainty. These build up and he lashes out at the people-Sara, John, and Mary-closest to him. In last week’s episode, things come to a head professionally and personally.

The detective sergeant twins Marcus and Lucious come up with more technological advances for their fingerprinting analysis and share their findings with the group. While this advancement is a step in the right direction, it strains the tensions of an already fraught crew. Sara especially feels the brunt of Kreizler’s intensity and sets about doing her own investigation, sans male companions.

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Can we talk about the curbside moment between Sara and John though? A “faux” marriage proposal and smiling glancesokay!

Sara proves to be most formidable when it comes to research and investigation. She sets out writing inquiry letters to multiple orphanages, mental hospitals and church relief organizations. In a triumph of sorts, she narrows the expansive field of suspects down to two. In a scene filled with intensity, she gloatingly provides the information to Kreizler…and downs two whiskeys to boot. A legend in the making.

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With Sara making her own discoveries, Kreizler turns to his old professor for guidance. Relaying his old methodology for research, Kreizler decides to take John on a field trip to a Boston penitentiary. The subject of study: a sadistic boy mutilator and killer. Obtaining nothing but a fright, Laszlo decides to use Sara’s clues and lands at an Episcopal church upstate. The bishop talks of a “misunderstanding” between a former volunteer and one of the schoolboys. Noting the highlighted date on a beautifully embroidered tapestry is the same as the vulgar letter Mrs. Santorelli (mother of the second murdered boy) received, the lights click for Kreizler. Their killer is following the Christian calendar and doing it in such a way that the next murder is darn near pinpoint clear.

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The name of this game is misleading information though. Commissioner Roosevelt demands a name and Laszlo gives it to him. The name-Willem Van Bergen-is not their serial killer. It does show Roosevelt who is with him and who’s against him. Corrupt Captain Bryant is out. And the investigation continues…

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