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The more the team falls apart, the closer they seem to reach the end goal. With Dr. Kreizler committing the egregious offense of slapping Sara in the ‘Ascension’ episode, the separate investigations take center stage in ‘Many Sainted Men.’

Sara has proven herself to be resourceful, intelligent, pragmatic in the face of atrocities and a bulldog of justice. Her own individual research leads her to an asylum; the conditions are unsanitary and non-conducive to mental health stability. An even more frightening aspect that Sara notices: the woman who states “I’m not crazy. Help me. HELP ME!” An aghast Sara remains frozen until an orderly beckons her forward. Stepping over bodily fluids, tears pooled in her eyes, we can see this is deeply personal for Ms. Howard.

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Her visit to the asylum-while devastating-is fruitful. The administrator gives her intel on Government Hospital in Washington D.C. Noted as a facility specifically for soldiers and sailors deemed mentally unfit for service, multiple veterans of the land grab “wars” against western indigenous tribes were treated (and some released).

Providing the new information and clue to John, he urges Sara to go with him to relay to Laszlo immediately. She refuses and in that moment, the dynamic of Sara and John changes. Untrusting and reticent, Sara’s hurt and dismay over Kreizler’s treatment of her spills and over when she hints to John about his violence toward her. The grasping embrace she gives him is the final piece in the complete 180° turn in their relationship. They aren’t simply colleagues anymore…they’re something much deeper.

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And what does John do with the information about Lazslo’s physical altercation with Sara? Charges in to confront him, of course. And Kreizler- in his quasi Jedi mind trick way-finds a way to turn things back and place blame on John’s ineptitude. It’s a violation of their partnership and friendship. And it’s classic Kreizler.

Additional observations:

-Turning down J.P. Morgan’s money for their investigation may come bavk to haunt the team

-Mary and Kreizler sharing a very intimate kiss felt very wrong and right

-I live for the moment Cyrus’s niece read Kreizler for filth regarding former keeping the latter indebted in his service

-Did anyone else feel there might be more than one murderer?

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