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“The Alienist” – The Fruits of Evil

Ill-Gained Fruits are Bitter for "The Alienist"
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“We have a suspect, we have a clue…”

With those words, the partnership between Dr. Kreizler, Sarah and John is solidified. Episode two, ‘A Fruitful Partnership’ sees the trio (along with forensic pathologist twin brothers Lucius and Marcus Isaacson) gain significant insights into the motivations of the still unknown serial killer. The dangers are immense: with every clue, the investigators are perilously close to being annihilated themselves.

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One thing this particular episode showcases is the usefulness of each person. Dr. Kreizler is a student of the mind and psyche; Sarah Howard has access to sensitive police documents; the Isaacson twins are experts in forensics and the scientific method. And then there’s John Moore who is…an adequate illustrator. And a drunk. If there is a kink in the strength of the chain, it’s John.

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Everyone’s strengths are made perfectly clear with a private dinner (at Delmonico’s, natch) given by Dr. Kreizler. The Isaacson brothers demonstrate immense capacity with innovation in an early fingerprinting model; Sarah shows her own high intelligence with sleuthing methods. And John. John sits and John drinks. And then drunk John makes a grave error-he ventures into mob territory for answers.

Courtesy of Turner Entertainment

Using information he and Sarah obtained from the family of the first murdered boy, John drunkenly stumbles into the brothel of sex trafficked boys (in 1896 speak, “prostitutes”). Instead of getting answers, he gets drugged and when last we see poor, inebriated John, the mob bosses are looming over him. What will he do, what will he do…

The Alienist’ airs Mondays at 9PM on TNT and on-demand.

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