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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Returns

The brilliance of early 20th profiling is back in #TheAlienistAngelOfDarkness.
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TNT’s original programming has undergone a bit of a renaissance within the last decade. Series like Claws, the criminally underrated Good Behavior, Animal Kingdom, and The Last Ship all garnered strong viewing audiences and critical acclaim. Then the limited series The Alienist hit the scene in 2018 and said hold my specs.

Boasting a strong cast of Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Evans, the show based on Caleb Carr’s novel of the same name interwove the extremely corrupt police machine of Tammany Hall in New York City with the newest psychology of profiling multiple murders. Alienists were medical doctors trained in the psychiatry of the mind. And Brühl played his character Dr. Laszlo Kreizler to perfection.

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The characters of police secretary Sara Howard and newspaper illustrator John Moore are the yin and yang to Kreiszler. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness finds Sara as head of her own private detective agency, John as a New York Times reporter and Kreiszler being Kreiszler. The premise of season 2 is the trio reuniting to locate the Spanish consular’s kidnapped daughter. We can expect twists and turns, a hefty dose of Sara’s late 19th-century feminism, and the ever-present brilliance of Dr. Kreiszler. Check out the trailer below:

Courtesy of TNT

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness returns to TNT on July 26th. Keep up with TGON for weekly recaps.

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