X-fans were just given great news with the announcement of a Deadpool 3 release date as well as the revelation that Hugh Jackman will be returning as Wolverine to join the cast.

But while it will be fun to see Deadpool with his buddy Wolverine after the disastrous X-men Origins: Wolverine it would be just as fun if they can manage to fit in some other X-men characters as well. Here are some characters that could join Wade Wilson and Logan in Deadpool


This one does actually seem somewhat likely and would create an even bigger X-men Origins: Wolverine reunion. Why not give Channing Tatum a shot after his cancelled Gambit solo movie?


While it would be fun to see Negasonic Teenage Warhead return why not a new teenage sidekick for Deadpool and Wolverine in the form of a slightly older version of Logan’s clone daughter Laura. It’s been long enough Dafne Keen from Logan could return as a teenage Laura. Perhaps X-23 could be positioned as the MCU version of Wolverine while also leaving room for Hugh Jackman to return in future movies


Being Wolverine’s biggest rival it was disappointing that they weren’t able to have one last showdown in Logan, but Deadpool 3 has the potential to revisit the rivalry and maybe even clear up the continuity issues surrounding Logan and Victor’s relationship.  It would be fun to see Liev Schreiber return for even more of an Origins reunion.

Professor X/Magneto:

Another great X-men rivalry that could be revisit in Deadpool 3, even if just briefly.  Patrick Stewart has already reprised his role as Professor X for Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, but he and Ian Mckellen haven’t been seen together since 2014’s Days of Future Past. Perhaps a mid-credit scene or opening scene that bring them together as well as perhaps their younger versions would be fun to see.

Emma Frost:

After a blink and you’ll miss-it cameo in Origins and an underwhelming portrayal by January Jones in First Class Emma Frost is due for another chance especially as she could act as a bitchy foil to Deadpool. Maybe Margo Robie for the role?

Those are a few more X-characters would could join Wolverine and Deadpool in Deadpool 3. Who would you like to see?