Reflecting on 2020

As I am writing this, I find myself reflecting on the difficult moments of 2020; however, pandemics and elections aside, one thing has aided in keeping my family and me afloat, Dungeons and Dragons. Wednesdays were for Dimension 20, Thursdays Critical Role, working hours were given to the Adventure Zone, car rides spent listening to Arcs, and Sundays reserved for the home campaign. Even my coursework has seen a dramatic shift towards viewing D&D as a tool rather than a game. Honestly, if it weren’t for D&D, I would have far too much spare time.

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios
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Thank You Dungeon Masters

This is a thank you to all the Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and storytellers alike. The work you do does not go unnoticed. You put your players in a world full of creativity and unknown wonders to be explored.  The hours spent crafting the perfect encounter or interesting shop are not in vain because of the hours of joy you bring to the table. Whether it is in-person behind your DM screen or a camera on Roll20, you bring the world to life. You let us escape the hostile environment that can be the real world and encourage high jinks, which truly means a great deal to your players.

Thank You Streamers

Those of you that allow us to view your table via audio or streaming service; thank you. I know I speak for many of us when I say that the glimpse into your fantasy world means more to us than many acknowledge. It cannot be easy to be vulnerable on screen or even behind a microphone, yet we can all agree you are doing great. I have a hard enough time role-playing with my dearest friends and cannot imagine playing in front of an audience. Through the tears, laughs, and teachable moments you allow us into your heart, and for that, viewers are truly grateful.

Thank You Dungeons and Dragons

In the end, all I am here to say is thank you to the Gygax and Arneson families as well as the Wizards of the Coast for giving people an outlet to explore emotions, forge friendships, and sharpen their math skills. I know without Dungeons and Dragons, my world would be far smaller and full of less loot. Overall, D&D has become more than a game to me and mine, and I hope your campaign is full of good fun and fond memories.