Hearts of  the Father’s


Standing in the middle of the cornfields, this episode opens with Clark’s personal life and secret life coming to a head; Clark is face to face with his greatest fear- himself—the slaughter of his friends and seemingly impending doom. With many unanswered questions, Clark truly has this inner turmoil about where he stands. Does he defy his creation? The literal nightmare snaps him awake as he fears that the people from his planet have sent him to be a conqueror. He goes face to face with his father and in a literal loss in translation. His father’s hologram continues to talk to his son and make as much progress as most people would if they were getting screamed at in Simglish.

I really appreciate this aspect of what we see play out. In the back of our minds, Superman is still very early in his development into the many depictions we’ve come to know and see in so many examples of media. He stands across from his father and can only refute what he thinks was a destiny designed for him, as his father can only call out to him.

We flash to Clark and Lois walking through the city, talking about Clark hosting Thanksgiving and having both her and Jimmy coming over. Clark stops in his tracks, looking at the monument in some ways, in others, a grim reminder of how far people will go to take him down. Clark admits that he does want to track down “The General,” who has been hunting him since the beginning of the season. As Clark steps away, Jimmy and Lois continue to discuss the pros and cons of the revelation they previously received about alternative universe Supermen who used their powers for destruction. As Clark steps back with their coffee, they continue their jobs to find they have achieved their goal of moving from interns to official reporters!

We get the very first meeting between Lois and Clark’s parents, and we actually get to see a lovely interaction between Mama Kent and Lois. It goes to show just how much Clark has isolated himself because of his powers and how painfully aware his parents are. After that moment, Lois encourages Clark’s ambition to find the general, and that moment is quickly passed over because Lois’ dad is here! Of course, at Clark’s door, on his doorstep, is none other than Lois’ dad, The General.

*Cue Larry David Intro*

Thus begins an awkwardly hilarious game of estranged parental relationship dynamic, and oil meets water in the form of Mama Clark and Lois’ dad. The only peace currently is Papa Kent in the Turkey zone; that is, until Jimmy comes to enjoy the holidays Putting his amazing news on hold. Jimmy decides he is over all the back and forth and drags Lois and Clark outside. When Clark learns about the other Lois’ fears of him becoming like his alternative universe counterparts, of course, as he views this on the alien technology, out springs a mysterious green gem (kryptonite) which not only affects Clark but seems to activate a defense mechanism in his ship. As the ship bursts through the ground, tearing up his parents’ cornfield and setting off these robots of war, of course, a man of war, the General springs into action, informing Amanda and her army that the invasion is happening again.

Clark knows he has to take action lest he repeat the incident from the past he saw while trapped by the General. Superman battles his ship as it not only opens a portal but lifts itself into space, as the General not only fights off the robots but his personal demons that have come to the forefront with Lois. Amid these interwoven stories, Jimmy accidentally figures out the kryptonite effects on the robots, disabling them. The following events are amazing: powerlifting spaceships and fighting with his hologram father. Superman fights through it all to try and destroy this ship’s self-defense mechanism using the kryptonite piece.

Which he does achieve, nearly costing his life. In his final moments, his father tells him to live after putting him in a spacecraft and shooting him back to Earth. The General sees Superman at his weakest after destroying the ship and is ready to shoot without questions. Lois steps in between begging her father to please not shoot him. The General saw this man on the ground and was still ready to shoot until Lois said he had just saved everyone. As the General looked down at Clark’s weakened body, he called off Amanda and her troops. He disappeared without a trace or even long enough to hear his daughter’s thank you.

At the Kents, Lois and Jimmy sit after the most normal Thanksgiving you’ll get in Smallville. Jimmy reveals his big news: he sold his online show for millions to The Daily Planet. Jimmy deserved this win, and I am a full-on supporter of any and every Jimmy.

As the episode draws to a close, we get the big reveal of who is the reason for the oncoming doom to the Earth: it’s the one, the only, BRAINIAC.

What a close and a tease for the next season. I love Jimmy getting rewarded for all his hard work, and I love that Clark still doesn’t know much about his origins. This version flushes out Superman in a different way in this universe. I would highly recommend watching this to anyone wanting a good DC show.