The episode title is enough to make fans raise their eyebrows, but this week’s installment of The Flash is sure to make you bawl your eyes out.

Of course, we start out by learning that Barry is not dead; instead he has been spirited away by the Speed Force. The Speed Force thrusts Barry into the most emotional situations of his life, taking the form of his loved ones to confront him about coming to terms with Nora’s death.

Fans are privy this week to perhaps a less-heroic speedster; one who craves validation from his friends, has never visited his mother’s grave, and is initially full of self-loathing for his decision. It’s a nice reminder of Barry’s emotional depth, he’s not happy-go-luck all the time, and perfectly showcases Grant Gustin’s range as an actor.

The Speed Force confronts him as Joe, Iris, Henry and finally Nora; the latter of which brought people to tears. We see Nora reading Barry his favourite childhood book, The Runaway Dinosaur, which our hero has committed to memory, as he stares longingly at the mother he lost. Barry learns that although Nora is gone, she was still “the perfect mother” to him, finally able to come to terms with his decision, he returns to Earth1.




Meanwhile, back on E1, Team Flash dead with a zombie uprising. This plotline seems somewhat out-of-place and random, but it keeps the team busy while Barry is off breaking serious emotional ground.

Girder, the Meta-bully with super-strength and absorptive powers, is brought back to life by the blast from the explosion, whose body was in the Metahuman morgue in S.T.A.R Labs’ dimly lit, creepy basement.

In sum, this week’s episode may prove itself to be the season’s emotional backbone; with Barry finally accepting his mother’s death in a major tear-jerker of a scene, while the rest of the team worked on an engaging, fast-paced Metahuman plot.

Article Submitted By Rachel Hill