Legends of Tomorrow was seriously hyped up. But was it worth watching?

With so much good superhero TV out there (Arrow, The Flash, Jessica Jones, etc…), fans need to choose wisely which shows are on their “To Watch” list. And, as far as TGON is concerned, LOT should be on that list. Arthur Darvill’s acting alone makes it worth the watch.

The series follows the Legends of Tomorrow, DC’s rag-tag, dysfunctional answer to The Avengers, as they battle the immortal Vandal Savage, as he plans world domination. On the side of Good are familiar faces who appeared with cameos/minor roles on The Flash/Arrow; Captain Cold & Heat Wave, Hawkgirl & Hawkman, White Canary, The Atom, and FIRESTORM. Newcomer Rip Hunter (Darvill) leads the team, having suffered significant losses at Savage’s hands, he is bent on revenge. The action of the series is highlighted by intense visual effects that rival even those of The Flash.


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Throughout the first season, the writers of LOT play with the idea of taking your future into your hands. The team’s name itself is a blatant rejection of their original fate, and the finale displays a final push to be autonomous individuals. Although the themes are successfully executed, the characters are less so. By the finale, each member of the team is developed and distinct, but it takes significantly longer than it should to get to that point. While the first few episodes offer backstories and minimalistic traits on each character, we don’t get a satisfactory sense of who they are until about mid-season, when relationships begin to establish themselves between each member. This made it slightly discouraging to watch over a period of a few months, but would be a total non-issue if one were to binge-watch the series over, say, a Legendary (wink) weekend.


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In terms of plotline, the story arc of the whole season is dynamic and unpredictable, but one or two individual episodes have similar stories. There’s only so much that the writers can do when the team is dealing with an immortal villain, though. Timetravel makes for interesting settings and interpretations of history, which are always interesting to watch. From Ancient Egypt to the distant future, LOT has a setting for everyone.  Overall, if you enjoy superhero TV, you need to watch LOT.

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill