The DC Animated Universe lives! The dubbed, Tomorrowverse started with Superman: Man of Tomorrow and now continues with Justice League: Warworld

The film brings back DC alums like Jensen Ackles, Stana Katic, Teddy Sears, Troy Baker, and John DiMaggio, along with returning voice cast such as Darren Criss, reprising his role as Superman and Ike Amandi, who is back as Martian Manhunter.  The movie puts the Justice League – primarily Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman – on the fictional craft known as Warworld.  Warworld is a place where captives are thrust into endless, merciless battles that seem to last lifetimes.  DC’s trinity are the main victims of such a barbaric fight.  In fact, it will be the first animated film where they primarily share the screen with each other since 2010’s Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, where they join forces to protect Supergirl from Darkseid.  And it is the first titular Justice League film to be released in the Tomorrowverse, in addition to being the ninth R Rating animated film in DC’s animated film catalog (the first in the Tomorrowverse). What separates this film from many others in DC’s long run of animated movies is this is three movies in one!  Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have their own separate stories to explore.

Wonder Woman’s story throws her into the Old West. The days when cowboys, outlaws, sheriffs, and dusty old towns reigned supreme. This was a time period when diplomacy and governmental jurisdiction were few and far between at best and challenged at worst.  Caring for thyself was the best way to see tomorrow.  While Wonder Woman has seen man-made war, this world will be different for her.  A world where neighbors couldn’t trust each other.  For someone who seeks peace as much as she does, the old west will be a different experience for her since each town has its own set of laws.  How can anyone seek peace when distrust runs rapidly like dust in dust storms?

For Superman’s story, he plummets into a noir-style 1950s.  To set the tone of the genre even more, Superman’s side of the story will be in black and white from start to finish.  There is an alien invasion that is taking over the world.  And Superman will have to take a back seat.  Clark Kent is the one that is the hero of this story.  With the noir style, detective and journalistic skills were at the forefront of the genre.  Kent must rely on every skill he has as a reporter and journalist to uncover an alien plot that seeks to take over humanity.  This story puts Superman *clears throat* Clark Kent into the realm of The Twilight Zone.  It puts him into the realm of War of the Worlds.

Batman is tossed back to the age when the way of the sword meant life or death, magic was the main elixir, and strange beasts were common wildlife.  A pure savage land of fantasy.  A man who has made it a career by using high-tech technology is now reduced to using stone and fire.  Now this is the time when Batman must rely heavily on his intellect, training, and tenacity.  Fighting for his own survival so long ago, the myth of the Bat has found its foundation.  This type of story is a byproduct of Genndy Tartakovsky’s  Primal and Conan the Barbarian having an amalgamation.  But of course, with a touch of Batman.  Batman and dinosaurs, what could be better?

This new film is a chance for the creative team and the fans to explore multiple genres, tones, and styles all in one sitting. Fans that attended the panel during this past weekend’s Comic-Con were lucky enough to be the first waves to watch the film in its entirety.  The public will have to wait a little longer when it is released on July 25th on digital and Blu-ray.