With one year left until this iconic Amazon takes the big screen in her solo movie, let’s recap what we’ve learned since the film’s announcement.



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Gal Gadot (of Fast and Furious fame) will be reprising her role from this year’s cinematic flop, BVS. While Diana Prince’s love interest, Steve Trevor, will be played by fan-favourite Chris Pine.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

Diana’s aunts and mother, who trained the warrior, will be played by Connie Nielse (Queen Hippolyta), Lisa Loven Kongsli (Menalippe), and Robin Wright (General Antiope).

No Invisible Jet:

On a rather disappointing note, it was confirmed by the president of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, that this film will not feature Wonder Woman’s iconic Invisible Jet. Looks like our heroine will be traveling on foot in this version.


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A True Origin Story:

Little has been revealed about the plot of this film, but from the wide range of stills and few seconds of footage we’ve seen, it seems to be a tale true to her origin story.

Stills display a wide range of timelines, from her time on the island of the Amazons, to some that indicate her participation in WWI, to scenes definitely set in modern-day. Either fans can expect multiple timelines or a retelling of her story that spans centuries, just as it should.

Wonder Woman hits theatres on June 2nd, 2017.

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