Jamie and Claire help civilians flee Ticonderoga after the fort falls into British hands; Roger discovers the identity of the mysterious ‘Nuckelavee.’

The episode title was very fitting for the episode. Many of our characters bumped into each other again or met for the first time.


We are back at Fort Ticonderoga, which the British have taken over, and William has come looking for Simon Fraser. I’m surprised there wasn’t a mention of him being related to Jamie since William knows both men, but maybe William didn’t make the connection. Moving on to talking with Captain Richardson, we find that the people William was supposed to deliver the letters to were British spies pretending to be Rebels. This gives us some insight into their tactical plans. It’s unnerving because the Hunters knew who they were. While at the fort, William ran into Claire and Ian. It must have been reassuring for Claire to know William was at the camp. He was willing to help her, even though she was a prisoner. And it surprised William that Claire and Jamie were part of the rebellion. That puts him in a precarious situation. That happens when he spots Ian trying to help Claire escape. He’s stuck between what is right in his mind, which is being a British soldier or helping his friends. Thankfully, Ian reminds him that William owes him a life for a life and lets Claire get away. I think William will have trouble picking sides when the fighting begins. If he comes into contact with Jamie or Ian when the battles begin, he’s not going to know what to do.


Once again, Claire got captured, and Jamie had to help save the day. There needs to be a tally of how many times Claire has been captured or saved by Jamie. This is because it feels like it happens several times a season. We start where we left off, with the Rebels paddling to shore from Fort Ticonderoga and trying to survive in the woods. While walking along, the British mess with them, and Jamie and Ian kill as many as they can. That’s when Claire gets taken. She tries to track down Mrs. Raven but is a little too loud. Claire returns to Ticonderoga and reunites with Walter again.


We didn’t see much of Jamie in this episode. This is because he was busy trying to figure out a way to rescue Claire, but he did help save the day. I was happy that Jamie agreed to let Ian save Claire at Ticonderoga because I feel like Ian is always doing the background work, and this time, he knew he would have an easier time getting by the British to help Claire escape. I think Jamie is so used to doing things himself and being responsible for Claire when she is in harm’s way. Even though Ian took the lead, Jamie was right behind him, acting as a decoy with flaming arrows. After rescuing Claire, the group joins the rest of the Rebels at the Continental Army camp. We find out that Jamie’s time in the war is almost over. Except, Jamie meets Daniel Morgan and accepts to be part of his sniper team. He later tells Claire and talks about Saratoga. While on the topic of war, Jamie reflects that at this point in his life, he is less afraid of dying. I don’t know if Jamie ever was afraid of death. With his track record, he’s been through so much in his life and has been on the brink of death many times. I don’t know if he had the time to be afraid. He always walked into battle or precarious situations head-on. Like he’s said before, he’s like a cat with nine lives.


It seems like Roger has gotten his groove back. Talking to an administrator at the school about Jemmy’s use of Gaelic, Roger finds himself agreeing to teach a class about the language. As I said last time, Gaelic started being taught again in the ’80s, so I’m glad we got to see that. Before leaving for his first class, he and Bree talk about the portal Bree found. Somehow, all the portals in Scotland are connected, and I’m excited to learn more. I want to see Bree and Roger do some more digging. In the Gaelic class, Roger discusses the language and has the audience sing some songs.

Afterward, Roger and Rob Cameron met, and I was surprised at how into Gaelic Rob was. What was scary, though, was that Roger had accidentally handed out his journal, and Rob had read it. He read Roger’s findings about the portal, and I gasped. As a result, Rob thought Roger was writing a science-fiction book and asked to read it when it was done. Awkward. What was even weirder was that Roger and Rob decided to plan a dinner together. Rob acted nonchalant about Bree, and I’m surprised Roger didn’t call him out. I’m looking forward to how this dinner turns out. When Roger gets home, he’s making dinner and sees someone snooping through their window. He runs outside and finds the so-called Nuckelavee. We find out it’s Buck MacKenzie. Now, this got me confused because I didn’t know who this was at first. I knew this must have been a time traveler because of the way they were dressed, and then Roger was surprised and knocked him out. Doing some research, I realized that this was Buck MacKenzie. What was confusing was that in season 5, Graham McTavish played Buck, and now it was portrayed by a different actor. So now, knowing who this character was, makes it intriguing because Roger and Buck have a past, and Buck has chosen to go to the future. But for what reason?


Even though Ian spent most of his time saving Claire, he had another run-in with Rachel. Of course, he is giddy seeing her again, and they have a cute conversation about Rolo. When petting him, Ian and Rachel touch hands and smile about it. I wonder how long this courtship will last because someone just needs to confess their feelings or make a move.