Photo Source: KodiTips.com

Hello, fellow nerds have you ever thrown a PPV Party? Are they lame? Do you not know how to throw an awesome PPV Party Fear not the queen of PPV parties is here to save you. I’m a huge wrestling fan and I’m not ashamed of the love that I have for it. Most people don’t go out of their way to do the things that I do to express my love for fandom, but some do! I’m notorious for hosting amazing PPV parties and I have the secrets that will make yours just as amazing.

1) Comfort

It is important that you make your guest as comfortable as possible. Having a nice, clean, and cozy area for you and your guest to watch the PPV will win you a lot of respect because it will be relaxing. Being in tight and cramped areas can cause your guest to feel uncomfortable and possibly make them want to leave. If you know that your space is not that big, it’s probably not a good idea to invite a lot of people because everyone will be fighting for comfort.

2) Appetizers/Snacks

Before the PPV party you can always ask if your guest would like a certain food or snack, but if they offer to bring their own to help you out that’s cool too! Having enough food and snacks is also important so don’t forget to keep track of the number of people that you have on your guest list. What I usually do to cut time and save money is create a buffet table where you could pick whatever you like. The last party that I hosted was a Royal Rumble PPV party and I created a nacho buffet table. To do this I made big bowls of chips, a bowl of ground beef, a bowl of beans, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. I like to make buffet tables so I won’t worry about making plates for all of my guests, they can just build their own. After they’re done making their own food, if they want dessert I usually leave out a cookie cake or cupcakes. Some people just like to order pizza or other take out foods which is fine, but I’m a foodie and I have to be extra when it comes to hosting parties.

3) Fan Apparel

What is a PPV party without fan apparel? A lame one that’s for sure. Represent who you want to win with some fun fan apparel. The appearance will keep everybody interested maybe even a little jealous, but at least you know you’re a super fan. T-shirts, banners, accessories and other decors just makes it even more fun.

4) Rivalries

It’s no fun if you don’t have an opponent. Having someone to root against you is needed at a PPV party. Rivalries are fun and enjoyable when you get to rub a sweet victory in their faces. You get to entertain your loved ones with a good old-fashioned standoff. Rivalries give you something else to look forward to when you’re hosting a PPV party so invite the haters in.