On Friday, the zany Solar Opposites gang crash-landed at SDCC with their quirky sci-fi fun! Hulu’s hit animated series is back for a wild fourth season, and they’ve got some surprises in store. Say hello to the new voice of Korvo, the fabulous Dan Stevens, who’s taken over the controls after Justin Roiland’s grand exit (yeah, you heard that right, some sci-fi drama!). But fear not, the Shlorpian family is all set to stir up some cosmic mayhem and laughs on Earth!

In a sneak peek, we find out that Korvo’s got a new voice, thanks to a dart-throwing incident – cue the sci-fi voice-fixing ray! But worry not, our favorite alien’s still up to his usual antics, and his Shlorpian crew is joining in the fun. Season 4 promises to be a rollercoaster ride, with more misadventures, epic Silvercops encounters, and, of course, the beloved Wall shenanigans.

For three intergalactic seasons, we’ve followed the exploits of Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, and Jesse on their crazy escapades after touching down on Earth. They’re on a mission to turn our planet into a Shlorpian paradise, but hey, opinions are divided – Earth: awesome or awful? It’s a comical clash of cultures! And let’s not forget the sassy Aisha, their ship’s AI, adding her spice to the mix.

Source: Solar Opposites

New Season August 14th

Hulu’s got it all sorted with this Solar Opposites extravaganza. The series is set to rock the Animayhem lineup, where adult animation and anime blend into a wild party! So get ready to join the fun with 47 adult animated series, 17 anime films, and a whopping 272 anime series. Who needs a starship when you’ve got this cosmic collection?

Mark your calendars for August 14th, because that’s when the solar ride begins! Hulu’s dropping all 11 episodes of Season 4 at once, and it’s gonna be an alien blast. Plus, we’ve got more goodness lined up, with a fifth season confirmed and even a Valentine’s Day special for the intergalactic romantics.

So buckle up, earthlings, because Solar Opposites Season 4 is coming in hot with a splash of normalcy before we dive headfirst into classic Solar chaos! Get ready for sci-fi fun, Wall madness, and a bunch of new Silvercops adventures that’ll have you laughing ’til your antennas wiggle. Don’t miss out on this cosmic carnival at SDCC!