We open to Katy being woken up by Gloria as she slept in the display window at Lacey’s.

Katy is still feeling bad over K.O. Pepper, Jorge and Josie are all concerned and even bought her beautiful ruby shoes. Which she didn’t wear. Jorge seems to be having fun with the fireman and his parent met him. The introduction seemed to go well. Josie and Alexander are being professional so far. Katy cost Lacey’s a major client. She may end up fired. Katy called Pepper in for help.

Katy and the girls are tracking down the designer from work earlier. Katy is going to beg him to reconsider. She really wants to save her job. Josie goes to the meeting with Alexander and his father Mr. Cabot. Xandra crashes the meeting and sings over Josie then spills some family secrets. Needless to say, Josie storms out of the meeting. Once the target has been confirmed, the girls move in. While taking one for the team, Josie gets to show her claws to Xandra. Katy is unfortunately unsuccessful in her mission.

Katy sees K.O. In the club. She goes out and talks to him and it doesn’t make her feel any better. Jorge is really messing up the relationship with Bernardo. Pepper is in trouble with her landlady. Jorge and his boyfriend fool the landlady by playing cops. When Katy, who is drunk, sees the designer again, she tells him her real opinion. Then she gives him a tour of Lacey’s through her eyes.

Does Katy keep her job? Does Jorge mess up with Bernardo? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…