August 27th 2023 marks 10 years since the release of critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. There are many things happening to celebrate the event – this article will list it all.

What In-Game Events Are Happening?

Two events will be occurring in Final Fantasy XIV to celebrate the ten year anniversary. One of these will be The Rising event. If you’re unfamiliar with The Rising, it’s a seasonal event that all players above level 15 can participate in. It celebrates the game’s relaunch as A Realm Reborn, replacing Foundation Day of the original version.

In the event, people pay tribute to those that have been lost. While there have been various rewards in the past, they are usually minions of NPCs that appear in the main story. However, as this is the tenth anniversary, who knows what will be offered to players?

Additionally, there will be the Moogle Treasure Trove event, where players can get tomestones. Tomestone events have players running older/previous content to get rewards called tomestones. These can then be exchanged for limited-time rewards, as well as rewards such as armor, furniture, mounts, minions, and other items which are sometimes more difficult to get.

Sometimes, the Moonfire Faire also running alongside the event – as it is a summer event – but nothing has been announced about it yet.

On social media, there will also be a whistle sweepstake. Players have the chance to get either an original fat chocobo mount, or the flying cumulus mount.

Source: Square Enix | Final Fantasy XIV 10th Anniversary Website

There may be additional mounts added to the sweepstake. If you’re curious as to how to win them, follow their official twitter pages.

Those that love to take screenshots will also love limited time poses and frames for characters to pose in to celebrate.

Finally, there will also be PVP tournaments. They are separated into categories. These are North America, Japan, and Europe and Oceania together. These regional championships will be through the Crystalline Conflict events.

How Else Can I Celebrate?

There will also be a special 14 hour broadcast, though this isn’t set to livestream until 2024. It will be from the developers however, likely celebrating the success and future of the game. Also made available are Dev Panel Re-Runs – which fans can access right now. These are around how boss battles are designed, as well as behind-the-scenes stories and artwork for Patch 3.2 and 3.3 – which will appeal to those that loved Stormblood.

If you wanted to celebrate with more like-minded fans, there are several events happening globally. There are Fan Festivals in Tokyo, London and Las Vegas. Additionally with these festivals, there will be the Eorzean Symphony in each of these locations celebrating the glorious soundtrack of the game – and each expansion.

Fans in Japan also get an additional treat through a stunning lightshow of fireworks and drones in both Osaka and Kanto.

Source: Kyodo Osaka | YouTube

There will also be fanart contests which everyone can participate in. One of these is fanart of anything to do with the game – be it NPCs, city states or player’s own personal characters. The other competition is the hairstyle design contest, which has players creating their “dream hairstyle”. Previous contests have had entries be made into real in-game items – so the winner may very well see their hairstyles come to life.

Lastly, but definitely by no means least, is the collaboration between Final Fantasy and PUMA. There were previous items announced, but more have been added, including a collaborative hat with the logo of both franchises, a cross body bag with the Final Fantasy XIV logo, and a backpack which includes the various soulstones and the iconic fat cat.

Source: PUMA

How will you be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV? Will you be joining in any of the events, or do you have your own plans? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!