Anime Expo (AX for short) is currently the largest anime convention of all time, and with a title like that you have to have some pretty huge announcements to back it up! Let’s take a quick look into all the major announcements made at this year’s AX!

Studio Trigger:

When it comes to AX, the crew at Trigger love showing off in terms of big announcements. The most notable being in 2018 where they announced three new titles at once: Darling in the Franxx, SSSS. Gridman, and Promare! This year they showed off an updated version of the new Panty and Stocking trailer that dropped at last year’s AX– but it wasn’t publicly viewable until now.

They also aired the first episode of Dungeon Meshi, along with confirming that it’ll air on Netflix all at once in January. Personally speaking it’s a little bit disappointing to hear since I’m not exactly the biggest bingewatcher. Lastly, the Gurren Lagann movies, which are recap films with new footage, will rescreen in US and Japanese theaters in Winter of next year in honor of the series 15th anniversary. Not Trigger’s most mindblowing AX slate, but still eventful as always.

Studio BONES:

Their panel was focused on promoting their new original Metallic Rouge, which is their 25th anniversary project. Fans know them for their high-quality adaptations and their ambitious original projects, and Metallic Rouge has been charmingly described as “Bones-like” due to its eclectic nature. A new trailer was aired there as well:

Other interesting announcements were made: a documentary about the history of their studio being produced by Crunchyroll, and vague hints towards a new Space Dandy project for its 10th anniversary.

Production I.G/Studio WIT:

Was less of a slate of new announcements and more of a recap of their current projects. A disappointment to those who were expecting updates on projects like the much anticipated Uzuamaki adaptation– though they did say to expect to see footage by San Diego Comic Con instead. 

They cycled through their current slate of projects providing brief announcements for each: Psycho Pass Providence will have US screenings starting July 14th, Haikyuu!! Finale is still in production, and Kaiju No.8 will have the same animation producer as Heavenly Delusion— one the most well made and interestingly produced shows from last season.

The Great Pretender also received a brief mention, saying that they were seriously in talks of doing a sequel! Great Pretender was one of the more interesting originals of 2020, and I would love to see a return in any shape or form. 

And the most interesting… Suicide Squad Isekai. It’s about as over the top and in your face as the title sounds. While personally I don’t know how to feel about it– I’m still reeling from the announcement itself– it’s sure to be an interesting watch.