Size doesn’t always matter. This machine is small but it packs a punch. Photo Credit: Nintendo Classic

If you’re reading this, You were probably one of the lucky ones who got your hands on the nostalgia that is the NES Classic Edition. Perhaps you have someone who loves you that gave it to you as a gift, perhaps you have more money than I can think of, or perhaps you decided to just stay out for hours in line in hopes you were one of the lucky ones. Me, I was so lucky it was actually stupid. I used a website to track a number to find when these might be in stock, found this one at Target. I got up on a Sunday and got to Target around 13 minutes before opening and ended up fifth in line. The tracker said they only had 4 in stock but I decided to just take my chances. Luckily one guy was in line looking for some sort of toy figure. Which one you ask? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure I saw his car when I was leaving with nesquik and fruit roll-ups and my tiny Nintendo.



Most of you won’t get this, the joke either, ya he made the right choice that Turbo Man looks tough. Photo Credit: Jingle All the Way/20th Century Fox

The most glaring thing, and what I consider to be a design flaw is the length, or lack thereof the cord for the controller. The controller cord is very small, perhaps 3 feet in length, the idea was since you can’t stop a game and move to another with the controller, you have to hit the reset button on the machine, that they wanted the controller to be close to the unit. I think getting up and almost knocking over your mountain dew and chips to switch games is part of the nostalgia. My recommendations are two fold. First off buy a 6 foot cord extension, it can be found here(NES Classic cord) for $6.99 plus shipping for your existing controller, it can attach to the current giving you nine feet in length. Give that to player 2. Next, purchase a wireless controller that can go up to 30 feet for yourself. That can be found here(wireless controller). Give yourself the better controller with more freedom and a dash of what the future brought over Nintendo.

It holds 30 games from the original series, will you know and love some of them? I would hope so if you are buying this. Does it have games you have never played? I would like to think so. Does it have games you have never heard of? Quite possibly, but that is what makes the replay value of this so great.

This utilizes an HDMI cable and is very portable so it can be used on the TV’s of today and easy to bring to a friends or to a party. This system holds 4 save spots that can be used for any game, which is going to be a great thing if you are playing some of the longer titles like Final Fantasy for instance.

This system also utilizes the old school codes to help save some save spots, so if you are playing some punch out keep a note pad handy to jot down your codes! However it does not hold the manuals for you if you happened to read them, It has a QR code so you can see them on your phone or use the internet like a normal person does these days.

This system is a blast, each person has found a different game they enjoy playing, it also has options for two player games when my second remote arrives. If you didn’t receive one for the Holidays don’t fret they are supposed to be restocking after the new year.

…it’s just too bad I couldn’t drop a username to challenge some of you online.