Indie games are kind of a big deal here at TGON. We love sharing the work with others to our audience, and this post is no exception. Better yet, the game we are sharing today is couch co-op! Children of Morta is here to revitalize the joy of two-player games, one dungeon at a time.

The Plot

Children of Morta is an action-adventure RPG with rogue-lite elements. It is about the Bergson family, the Guardians of Mount Morta. This land is slowly being consumed by Corruption. Nevertheless, this is not a game merely about a heroic family saving the world. Children of Morta dove into the familial unit’s complexity, sharing each character’s hopes, dreams, and even struggles. The Bergson’s must fight through hordes of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons to take back their land from the evil that spews afoot. Above all, Children of Morta prioritizes the family over everything.

children of morta
Source: Children of Morta

The Experience

After downloading Children of Morta on my laptop via Xbox Gamepass, I was enamored by the graphic style. The pixelated graphics are gorgeous and remind me of Celeste. They are playful and whimsical but still allow for the seriousness of the plot. The narrator’s voice commanded attention and gave a peaceful reassurance that all would be okay in the end. Similarly, character interactions felt meaningful and reminded me of my family dynamics in a way that felt real rather than superficial. I have difficulty playing most dungeon crawlers; however, with Children of Morta, I did not feel pressure to be perfect. Therefore, it was alright that I died and had to do the dungeon over a million times because the storyline still progressed. Overall, Children of Morta is an excellent game for veteran dungeon crawlers and novices alike.

Odds and Ends

Children of Morta was released in 2019, and the DLC Paws and Claws released in 2020. For those ready to learn of the Bergson family’s fate, the game can be played on several consoles. These include Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. In the end, I highly recommend Children of Morta to everyone looking for a new game.