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Hey-o! I am back with more trivia. Do you love these as I am? I am learning so much about all of my fandoms. Today we are checking out Family Guy. I covered this show for a few years, but I lost my access to Hulu, so unfortunately, I couldn’t give you coverage anymore. I do love some Family Guy, though. The whole way through every episode, I am gobsmacked at how they function as a family. They are funny, though. Enough about me, though. Get your pen and paper (or whatever you use), and let’s get into it.

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1 Do you know what state is Quahog in?

2 What is Peter’s full name?

3 What instruments does Peter play?

4 You know the giant chicken Peter fights with? What’s his name?

5 Do you know how long Lois and Peter have been married?

6 Who makes up the Pewterschmidt clan?

7 True or false: Lois has been in a porno?

8 What high school do Meg and Chris attend?

9 Who gifted Meg a saxophone?

10 True or false: Meg never takes off her iconic beanie.

11 What is the last name that Stewie uses at his daycare?

12 Who’s closet did Chris’s evil closet monkey move to?

13 What adult, outside of his family, harasses Chris the most?

14 What is Chris’s full name and why?

15 How did Lois and Peter buy their house?

16 How old is Quagmire?

17 What does Joe believe he was in a past life? Did he have his legs, then?

18 What state did Cleveland move to when he moved away from Quahog?

19 Brian is what kind of dog, and how old is he?

20 What was the name of the dog that replaced Brian when he died?

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Ok. You got your answers locked in? You’re not cheating by looking after each question, are you?

1 It’s in Rhode Island, which makes sense that they are in New England.

2 On his birth certificate, it says Justin Peter Griffin, although he claims Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Sr., too, despite being of Irish descent.

3 Peter plays the trombone and even played at Chris’s open house. When Lois played with him on the mandolin, they formed the group A Handful of Peters. He also plays the guitar, and when drunk, he can play the piano like a pro. He even learned the violin.

4 His name is Ernie, and he has a wife, who is also a giant chicken named Nicole.

5 Surprisingly, Lois has put up with Peter for 20 years.

6 Carter and Babs are Dad and Mom. Lois also has a sister, Carol, and a brother, Patrick, who is a serial killer. I suppose all families have problems, and the Pewterschmidts are no different.

7 True, back in her college days.

8 James Woods Regional High School

9 Lisa Simpson after Meg impressed her with playing one.

10 False, it has only been a handful of times, but she has taken it off.

11 Griffin-Suarez, it is in recognition of his relationship with Rupert.

12 Jake Tucker’s

13 That is a sad sentence to type for a few reasons. Herbert the Pervert is always finding reasons to get Chris to come over and constantly catcalls him.

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14 Christopher Cross Griffin in tribute to an American singer-songwriter (Sailing being the only one I know).

15 They sued the condom makers of the condom brand that broke, which caused the pregnancy with Chris.

16 His last reported age was 61. How is he still as horny as he is? When is he going to tire out?

17 He thinks he is an octopus and that his legs were eaten by a shark.

18 The Browns moved to Virginia.

19 Brian is a Labrador, and he is eight.

20 Vinny. He could understand Stewie just like Brian. Stewie loathed him at first, but after bonding, because Vinny lost his owner to death, they became friends.

So how did you do? Is there another fandom you would like to see? Let me know that and your score in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!