We open to the Griffin family parking at the baseball stadium. Apparently, Mr. Pewterschmidt bought a minor league baseball team. Peter has an interesting definition of tailgating. Mr. Pewterschmidt made Peter the coach after the original had a heart attack. I am literally shaking my head.

Peter starts just spouting nonsense and somehow gained a loyal player. He also trades Meg. She’s going to American Dad. Then Peter teaches the team to beat someone to death when they do it well and I think Peter taps out when he is pleasuring his wife.

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Somehow Peter helped get the team into the playoffs. Peter eats a bucket of shrimp from the ballpark. It doesn’t sit well so he adds smoke and coffee to it. He ends up inadvertently taking a knee during the American anthem and ordering more shrimp.

Peter is lauded a hero because he took a knee. Peter is jumping right on that bandwagon. He’s getting free beer and has a lot of people coming up to him to say thanks. Lois is sick of Peter’s high horseness because he is a “hero”. Nike wants Peter to star in a commercial. Oh boy.

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Mr. Pweterschmitd is pissed at Peter. So what else is new? An accident with a bat sends peter down the escalator. When Peter comes to he is in WaQuahog, A secret place beneath Quahog for African-Americans. They ask Peter to take a knee at the next game.

Does Peter take another knee? Take a guess and let me know in the comments below. Til next week…