This episode was amazing yet again with a lot of twists and turns before the midseason finale. Someone we are not familiar with, named Paige was running in the forest from something or someone but, sadly trips of course. Virginia and her cronies catch up to her and ask her some questions, why she painted “The End is the Beginning” on this tree, Paige seems happy that Virginia seems scared about everything. Paige steals a gun from one of the guards and ends up committing suicide before answering any questions. Virginia is upset she can’t get any answers and tells the guards to bury her next to Jasper’s leg.

June and Sarah seem to have some sort of roaming hospital, they are trying to save someone named Malcolm who needs his appendix taken out. Malcolm doesn’t survive the surgery attempt and quickly turns into a walker and is killed by Sarah. A short time later Sarah brings up the thought about getting a hospital instead of having to travel from place to place in the truck, but June says she already asked and was turned down. The pair have to get to a new town in a couple of hours but was waiting for an escort, John Dory ends up taking over the shift and wants June to ride with him. John pitches to June that they should leave together back to the cabin. June is leaning towards it when the both of them are called to Tank Town, June says they have to go to Tank Town or everyone will know they are missing. At tank town one of the oil wells blew and about 30 people are still trapped inside. Virginia and her guards show up to Tank Town too to try to figure out what happened.

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Virginia wants to make sure that June is able to save everyone so she can interrogate them, someone tagged, “The End is the Beginning” on a water tank. Virginia is getting mad that it keeps showing up and knows this whole thing was not an accident. Wes is the person in the worst shape with shrapnel in his belly, June is trying to ease his pain but Virginia won’t let June do it before she gets some answers. She thinks that he is the one who sprayed the tanks because he has some paint in his belongings. Virginia keeps pressing his wounds trying to get some answers, but he has no answers to give so June gets pissed and injects him with something to put him under.

The other hurt survivors were put in the back of the big rig earlier, but when they are trying to get Wes out all of the people in the truck are walkers, walkers are coming out of the truck and walkers are converging on the truck fast, June and Virginia are picking off the walkers so the truck can have Wes loaded in and leave. Another rig blows and knocks Virginia and June silly, they are trapped in some sort of structure. VIRGINIA GETS BIT ON THE WRIST BY A WALKER! I was so hyped for this moment! Virginia wants June to chop off her wrist, she knows she can do it but June doesn’t want to because Virginia kept asking questions that ended up getting people killed. June has her dead to rights when Luciana and Sarah are asking for directions on how to remove the shrapnel from Wes. June gives clear and concise directions over the walkie, and in between, she and Virginia are having a war of words. Virginia talks about her sister which is the tipping point for June to save Virginia by chopping her wrist off.

Daryl Mitchell as Wendell Finally shows this season!- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: AMC

Virginia tells June that they will talk about who has been causing the problems in all the settlements, she also will give June the ability to be with her husband and we learn that she also agrees to give June a hospital. That is also not enough as June was able to free Wendell from wherever he was at and he can help run the new hospital. June wants to stay with this new development since she can make a difference. John doesn’t believe that Virginia is going to follow through and thinks that June had the wool pulled over her eyes. June and company get in the truck to look for a location for the hospital, with John following behind, he is following until a fork in the road with the truck going left and John Dory going right. They straight pulled a Fast and Furious on us!