Destination Fear has amassed a huge following in a few years on TV. So when fans found out about its possible cancelation, they rallied around the crew, Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner, and Alex, trying to save them from the network ax. The hashtag #SaveDestinationFear arose on Twitter, and the team even sold t-shirts supporting the cause. Unfortunately, it was finally announced that Destination Fear was officially canceled. However, this door closing was not the end for the team, and they announced plans to crowdfund their own road trips and the launch of Project Fear. This new era for the Fear Crew is the start of a new era of media production. Project Fear is the future of paranormal media. 

Dakota Laden started making films at the age of seven, and at the age of twelve, he began to share those videos on YouTube. In 2011 his videos copying the style of his favorite show Ghost Adventures gained the eye of its host Zak Bagans, and earned him a guest spot on the show. Eventually, he earned a spot on the show’s permanent crew as a cameraman. On top of his love for film, his interest in the paranormal has been a part of his life since childhood. 

Friends since day 1. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman via Youtube for All right reserved Project Fear 2023.

Chelsea, his sister, and friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroder have joined him on his adventures. Together they searched for answers together. They all grew up together and developed an interest and curiosity for the paranormal world. In 2015, the team of four went on a five-night journey of paranormal investigation in “Trail to Terror.” The premise of the self-made documentary; is to take his friends and sister on a road trip to haunted locations, where only he would know where they were going. This premise eventually became the show Destination Fear. 

Now, we are in the present day, and for whatever reason, Destination Fear has been removed from Discovery’s lineup, along with Ghost Brothers, another popular show. Regardless of the reason and politics, the Fear Crew knew they were not ready to leave their fans behind. Their fans, which they dubbed the Fear Fam, were too important to them. So, in the same video, they announced their show’s cancelation, and they also announced their plans for Project Fear. A new era in the world of Fear. 

Dakota was the creator of the opening credits music; he is half the editing team with his friend Connor Stallings, the team owns all of the equipment, and the format was their own, to begin with, so the only thing changing about their show is where is it being aired. They have full control over when, how, and how much content will be released. 

Their Kickstarter campaign reached its initial goal in less than two hours. It doubled within the first day and has since reached over four times its initial goal. This means the team can create content for years to come. So far, the team has enough funds for four domestic and one international road trip. This is all for a fraction of the cost of one episode of Destination Fear. You can read more about and support the project by visiting their page. 

This long-winded and intense introduction is to make a point. The response to this project has been intense and huge. Proving consumers of content are fed up with ratings and money being huge factors in their favorite shows’ fate. The internet age has transformed the way we can create and view content. Project Fear was not the first of its kind to have to move platforms or find new ways of getting its content out there for fans. However, it made it more apparent that television fans are no longer willing to sit back and take it quietly. Project Fear is the future of paranormal media and the future prototype for all media. By moving their show to YouTube for free, they show they care about what they produce. Plus how they produce it, and they trusted their supporters to back them along the way. 

Return to Terror, where the team go back to their most terrifying locations, is their first planned road trip. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman via Youtube for all right reserved Project Fear 2023.

I think it is fair to say that they never expected such a response to their announcement. It’s apparent that they are dedicated to what they do and more ready than ever to create the content they are passionate about. I, for one, am ready for the early summer (Happy Birthday to me!) for their first episodes. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more content go in this direction. Especially since many channels on YouTube have already made a name for themselves, mature ghost hunting. So, the production quality the Project Fear crew can deliver will no doubt keep current fans and gain new ones. 

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